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Hemp Milk and Juice?

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My 13 month old is very dairy and soy intolerant.  We've tried several milk alternatives, but after visiting with a pediatric nutritionist who's affiliated with my DD's GI, we've begun to use hemp milk.  My baby's vomiting and diarrhea have gone away completely.  Her severe diaper rash is nearly gone!   Its awesome!  My problem is that I can't get her to drink enough of it.  She used to drink 5, 8oz. bottles a day of either breast milk (she won't drink my allergen-free pumped milk any more), dairy, soy, etc.  Now, she will only take 4 oz. at a time and is waking at night b/c she is hungry.


I've read online that some people add 1/2 to 1 oz of juice to the mix.  This sounds unpleasant, and I've never given my DD any juice, but I REALLY love the fact that she is feeling better on hemp milk and I need her to drink more.  I've tried all the different flavors, except chocolate and strawberry (I'd rather not have to wean her off flavored milk someday), and she isn't all that thrilled about them.  I've tried two different brands too.  


Any suggestions from mommies who have done this?  Thanks!

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Hemp milk does have a fairly strong flavour.  I haven't tried adding juice, but my daughter is more willing to drink hemp milk when I add a bit of cinnamon and a drop of maple syrup.  Mind you, we don't use hemp for our primary milk source, it's more of an occasional thing - "cinnamon milk" had become a treat around here.  

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