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Hello, I am excited to introduce myself. My name is Agleska and I am living in the Fall Creek Oregon area. My family commutes to Eugene frequently for school and play. My co-parent and wife, Frankie has been partnered to myself for the past 8 years and we have been blessed with our one year old child who is very close to walking any day now. We are a very well attached family, co-sleeping, normal breastfeeding, intuitive/gentle parenting, and looking forward to a future of un-schooling. We are active in our First Nations local community. We enjoy diverse communities who are working toward social justice. We are also located on a family farm, with horses and chickens, as well as cats and dogs. We are avid learners, seeking mentorship and friendship within the wider national as well as local community of attachment/alternative families. Please feel free to introduce yourself in response, I look forward to being in touch!

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Welcome to MDC! 

I wish my husband would let me have a "farm", it was a struggle for him to let me have one small dog ;) What a great way for your child to grow up, with the love of the outdoors and animals all around!

Please look around there are lots of forums that sounds like they would suit your need for mentorship and friendship :)

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