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Hi from California!

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Hi everyone! I'm a SAHM with an 8 year old. She's super independent so I don't need to do much. I mostly just make sure the house is clean, food is on the table, and there is clean underwear in the drawers. My hubby works his own hours so we get a lot of family time together. I'm lovin life. We have been talking about another kid but not sure it is right timing yet. We will see! Not sure we want to start all over again. I am pretty happy with the independence I have instilled in our daughter. It's nice to know that she is self sufficient at 8.

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Welcome beauty! I have widely spaced kiddos--11.5 years between the last two. It DEFINITELY was starting over! But, I've really enjoyed the baby time so much more this time around, because I realize just how fast they become independent and you're wondering where those baby snuggles went!

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