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Tubal Reversal

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Hello Everyone,


  I am new here, and look forward to being a part of this community.  Has anyone had a tubal reversal done? I am scheduled to have my tubes untied on the 21st of this month. Super Excited!

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Hello and welcome! 


"We" have had a vasectomy reversal but not a tubal.  Good luck with everything!

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  Wow! A vasectomy reversal? outpatient procedure? How long was it before healed? And now are you guys actively trying to conceive?


At 39 years of age and a grand mom this decision has been in the making for three years now. I was 18 years old when the tubal was done originally. By the time I was eighteen years old I had three kids with my ex and wanted to leave so was told to tie my tubes. Bad decision! Wonder why I was allowed to do it in the first place..



Thanks for sharing your journey.. 


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It was a few years ago in 2009 actually, and I don't remember the details well although it was outpatient and healing was in weeks. 


The VR was successful (we saw lots of sperm! LOL) but we have other unexplained infertility issues (mine, apparently) and did not succeed.  We tried for 3 years but now are not expecting anything although I do still keep my fingers crossed for a blessing. 

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