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Help...am I pregnant?

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First of all, I would like to congratulate all the new mommies to be. A little about me...My name is Mandy, brith mom to four and soon to be step mom to two more. It's been 9 years since I've been pregnant and at the age of 37, you would think I should have all the answers, but I don't lol. So this is where joining this group comes in.  I don't know yet if I am pregnant, maybe you can tell me....October the IUD I had for 4 years fell out with AF starting the next day. AF has now come on a normal schedule give or take one day. Have been told the average time to become pregnant after having an IUD, is four months. Anyone here become pregnant sooner? Only three months have passed and think I just maybe.  According to the ovulation calendar, I should have O'd on Jan 28th. We BD that day, feb 2nd and 3rd.  On Feb 5th and 6th (8-9 DPO) I had some very light spotting, with very mild cramps. 10DPO nausea and exhaustion started. As of today I'm 13DPO with AF being a no show today. I have tested negative every day except for today, I didn't test at all.  Figured I would give AF another day to rear her ugly head. Any one test positive before AF was late? The tests say I'm not pregnant, but all the signs and symptoms I've had makes me think I am. What do you think?? Thanks for all your help. Hope to stick around and be part of this group. 



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I got nausea at 6DPO, exhaustion at 8DPO, and tested positive at 10DPO, though it was very faint on a cheap line test and I had to confirm the next day with a digital test to believe it. Have you done any charting to determine how many DPO you usually get AF? It's so different for everyone, some women could be considered 3 days late where you are now, where as I'm not late until 15DPO. If I were in your position I would keep testing, but that's just me. Based on when your symptoms started I wouldn't expect a positive much before today or tomorrow. 


Also, I don't know much about IUDs, but I'm fairly certain I saw a woman somewhere here on MDC who actually got pregnant with hers still in, so I don't know that there is a hard and fast rule about how long it takes to get pregnant once it comes out...

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I conceived five weeks after the IUD was removed.  Wait a couple days and then if you don't have your period, test again.

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In 2010, I got pregnant with Mirena in place. Unfortunately I miss carried when it was removed.

Maybe you ovulated a little later than you thought. Test again in the next day or so. Good luck!
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Well, it's a sad day for me. Even though i had all the signs and AF being three days late..AF came to visit today. Hope all you mommies to be have a wonderful pregnancy!

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sorry to hear that.  

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