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We have a baby! (Etsdtm99)

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Benton Wade - born 12:42am 8lbs 21.5" 14" head

Obviously my ctx picked up! More in the morning!

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Congratulations!!! Beautiful!!!

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YAYAYAYAY!!!!!  joy.gif

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Congrats..rest up and enjoy your time with the little guy. So Cute!

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Yay! Congratulations!!! Love the pics.

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Woohoo! Congrats he is adorable and you look great! Can't wait to hear more orngbiggrin.gif
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Woot! Congrats :) sweet pictures :)

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Congrats!!  Beautiful pictures!!

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so beautiful-congratulations! stillheart.gif

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Woo! Congrats! smile.gif
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joy.gifWelcome, Benton!

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Congrats! We had 8 pound babes just hours apart. So happy for you all!
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hurray!!!!  congrats and welcome baby!!!!!

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we also had a 14" head!  


Rest, recover and enjoy!!!

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All these babies...it's so exciting! Congratulations to your whole family. Enjoy your babymoon with little Benton!

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Congratulations!! He is beautiful!! Hope you're getting in some nice cuddles and lots of rest!
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Birth Story --  My due date based on ovulation was 2/11 (2/9 based on 8 wk u/s) Benton Wade - born 2/11, 12:42am 8lbs 21.5" 14" head

Woke up to mild contractions 5 mins apart on Sunday Feb 10th (8:30 am) - contractions continued but did not intensify much all day - 3-5 mins apart. At 4pm my midwife came over to check to see if i was making progress, i was 3cm and 75% - but not making any changes (over a 2 hour period), and baby was still very high.  She went home at around 6:15pm. We put all the kids to bed at 7:30 and things started to get more intense quickly, contractions were 3 mins apart and i was having to work through them.  I shoveled down my dinner in the brief break between contractions (because i was starving) and called my midwife to come back around 8:30. I was starting to shake and feel a lot of pressure between contractions so it felt like i was making some real progress (but still wasn't having any mucus or bloody show or anything like that, never did)  She arrived at about 9:30, at 9:45 i was 4cm & 90% and -3 and baby was moving down with contractions.   At 10:15 the birth pool was filled and i got in (YAY! WATER IS AMAZING) - I was really having to work through contractions and feeling a lot of pressure in my pelvis.  At 11:15 I asked to be checked because i needed to know i was making progress (after stalling at 4cm in all 3 of my previous labors), I was 6cm, 90% and -2 -- YAY. I will just say that i was awesome, i had a lot of tripling contractions, things were intense and moving pretty quickly, and i stayed focused and relaxed through every last one - i'm not real big on a lot of (any) hands on help during labor, and this felt really great for me (and was sooo different than my last birth)-- at 12:02 I was feeling a lot of pressure, 9cm, 90% and 0 station! then by 12:10 I was complete and starting to push (really it was more like 12:05) - At that point my mother in law arrived and my husband woke up Mollie (she will be 7 next month), so she could be there for the birth.  My water was bulging way out in front of the baby and broke partly on its own during pushing and my midwife broke it the rest of the way, there was thick meconium in the water- once it broke baby's heart rate dropped dramatically and i had to move to my hands and knees (which i was planning on doing anyway), the oxygen tank came out and my midwife felt around and somehow found and moved his cord that was around his shoulders and partly out in front of him from what i understand... that was pretty scary and painful but once she got it moved, his heart rate was great and we put the O2 away and i pushed for what seemed like no time - 37 mins total pushing (including the time i had to try not to push while she fixed the cord issue, and a couple ctx where i tried not to push while i was waiting for Mollie to come downstairs) Pushing was pretty much involuntary this time (vs. almost no urge to push with my last birth) i tried to hold off and push slowly when i could feel things really stretching and it paid off with a few 'skid marks' but NO tearing and no stitches!! I reached down and felt his head a couple times during pushing, which i've never done before and was pretty cool- after his head was out (and i had to again hold off on pushing to get the cord off his neck) I had to push pretty hard to get his shoulders out, and i was DONE baby out!! Apgars were 6 & 9 - he had good tone but needed a lot of rubbing/stimulation to get him crying (on my back) it was kind of torture waiting to be able to turn over and see him - I held him for a while in the pool and then we got out and moved upstairs, nursed in bed for a while and then took a bath - then the midwife checked him out (she left when he was about 3 hours old) and then we tried to settle down to get a bit of sleep - i slept from about 4:30-6:30 and then it was time for the little kids to wake up and meet their new baby brother! 
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Fantastic birth story! So great to be reassured what a good midwife can handle (without panic or drama) outside the hospital!
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Great birth story! Thank you for sharing. Each one I read is making me feel even more excited about our home birth plans. 

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So exciting that he's here! Congrats!

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