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My son's name is Andrew Tyler, daughter's name is Madison Patricia (lots of Patricia's/Patrick's in the family). My sister named her son Dylan (after Bob Dylan) and my other sister named her son Cole. I was thinking if I have a boy something with a B then we could do a boy's family photo with them all holding the first letter of their name (A, B, C, D). If we have a girl maybe Emily?  A few of my friends named their kids Brendon, Audrey and Fiona. Hope this helps anyone who is stuck for a name. 

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CutiePatootie - I think Nichola is a pretty way to represent your brother's name... sorry to hear about your loss.

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Originally Posted by beep View Post

I love the name Felix.

So do I. But I had a really vivid dream whilst we were TTC (and though I very often remember my dreams, this one felt different) about having a baby [who in normal dream world weirdness kept alternating between being a couple of months old and a toddler - but it didn't feel strange in the dream]. Said baby had a name, and even though it wasn't even on my radar as a possibility it *is* a name I really like. So I sort of feel like if we have a boy, then he already _has_ a name, if that makes sense.

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My daughter's name is Amelia Jean Kyoungsoon Costa. Amelia after the place I grew up in Va, Jean after my nana's middle name, Kyoungsoon because my husband is half Korean.

If we have a boy my husband is set on making him the 4th and I'm ok with that. His name would be Joaquin Borges Costa IV and we would call him Jack. My husband is also half Portuguese and Jack is a common nickname for Joaquin.

If we have another girl then we have to fight for a name because we can't agree on one. I have one I love but he doesn't like it and he has none to offer. The middle name would be Mae after my Mamaw's middle name. We would pick another Korean middle name too.
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chispita - i love the idea of baby names that come in a dream. is the boy name one your husband agrees on? i hope you get to use it, because that is a great story! 

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mrsandmrs - he doesn't hate it and hasn't vetoed it, so that's a start ROTFLMAO.gifBut in all seriousness, we haven't started talking about specific names - in fact we haven't even started looking at baby stuff! I think we're both waiting till this feels more real, I don't think either of really believes that there will be a baby here come September.

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chispita- I totally know what you mean about dreaming a name. Before I had any idea I was pregnant, but I already was, I had a very vivid dream if a little boy who looked a lot like my son, but had my DP's nose, so very obviously supposed to be his son. I asked him what his name was, and he said "I'm Jason, Mommy!" Jason is DP's brother's name too, so there's even that connection.

Honestly, Jason isn't really a name I'd ordinarily consider, but it is on the list because of that dream, and if baby is a boy, and does look like my son with DP's nose, I think I'd have a hard time naming him anything else.

So we shall see. smile.gif
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chispita - not hating it and not vetoing it are the same as loving it as far as i am concerned. we do a LOT of compromising in name conversations. shine.gif  i know what you mean about how surreal it seems.... 

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We've discussed names for our second ever since DD was born 4 years ago!  We came up with 3 boys names and 1 girl name.  That is pretty much all we could agree on!  DSp gets very sensitive when I veto a name, and not sensitive to my opinion at all when vetoing a name I like.  UGH.  There ALWAYS seems to be a double standard with EVERYTHING......  (but that's a whole 'nother discussion board!)


For a boy, we are set that one of the middle names (we are choosing 2 middles names for all of our children) will be Thomas after my dad.  Boy first names, we have either Eli or Levi.  The third boy name, we kind of nixed in the 4 years that it has taken us to get to baby #2.  Girl first name, we have Rosalie (after DSp's brother's middle name and grandfather's first name (Rosalino, which is a Filipino name).  We don't have a middle name for a girl yet, and aren't really discussing it until we find out if it will be a girl or not.

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I love all the name choices and ideas!

DH and I have been discussing names since before we even started to TTC this time around. If our first had been a girl, her name would have been Madison, and that name is still on our short list. But, now for a girl we are leaning towards Brynn. Middle names may include Del (after my mom), Joy (my godmother's name, my mom's, grandma's and my middle name) or Judith (DH's mom's name). We always have a TERRIBLE time coming up with boy names, but have finally come to at least one that we like - Reid. Middle names would probably be Jackson (my godfather's last name) and David (DH's dad's name).
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LivingSky - Wow, Reid is a great choice, and I love the spelling!  I share your struggle (and other PPs) with boys names.  I feel that shopping for clothes is like shopping for names - tons of options for girls, and a few classics for boys, and that's what you get.


Chispita and thefreckledmama - That is stellar that you got dream inspiration for your names!!!  I would love some of the magic dust over here!  All of my dreams are just....bizarre.  More so than usual...


CutiePatootie - So sorry to heard of the sudden loss of your brother.  I think both the masculine and the feminine spellings you have selected to honor him with are great choices!


To anyone else I have missed - what tools are you using in your name search?  I got a couple of books from the library but I really wasn't impressed.  We're not big on naming kids after family names unless it's really unique/special/deeply meaningful to us, which, not to sound snobby, there's no one that stands out to me that I definitely want to name my kid after...  I've been browsing websites like NameBerry, but I feel overwhelmed with the possibilities.  I'm to the point I think where I'd pay a service to pick some names for me!  :)

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aidenn - i really like http://www.youcantcallitit.com and http://appellationmountain.net . they are both big name nerds and i love the lists they pull together. http://swistlebabynames.blogspot.com does consultations frequently, where people write in and explain their style and the blogger + commenters make recommendations. i dont really like any of the baby name books our library has, but they are interesting to read sometimes.

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aiden -I bought the book The Baby Name Wizard. It is so much better than any book or website I have found. It seems like anybody and everybody is trying to make money off of a baby name site or book, but this mother really put in her research and there are so many names that I never saw in other books, it also give variences and brother and sister names too. It really is the ultimate, comprehensive name book.
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Once upon a time, I was a horrific name snob, and spent entirely too much time researching and geeking out about names. It may have changed over the last 6-7 years, but www.behindthename.com used to be the go-to site for legitimate name entomology. This may no longer be the case, because recently when I browsed the site there seemed to be quite a few names that seemed they were of the contemporary and made up variety without any real meaning-but that could also just be my perception.

I would strongly urge anyone choosing a name heavily or solely on meaning to stay away from any of the bigger "flashy" baby name sites, because they are notoriously inaccurate; and seek out multiple independent sources to verify the meaning.

Actual books printed pre-mid 90's are ideal, as they came before the big boom of everyone and their brother putting out name dictionaries and giving their own "spin" to names to make their volume stand apart.

And this concludes my likely hormonally based rant about baby naming. wink1.gif
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Whew, thanks to you three!  I've actually managed to add some boys names to my list now!  As a former weekly People Magazine reader who now watches Yo Gabba Gabba, it's also helpful to know which names are crazy popular (and ones I'd like to avoid).


Other than my own lack of creativity, we're stymied by the fact that our last name is Smith, so single-syllable names such as my own ("Brooke") sound ridiculous with Smith.  All the double single-syllable names sound like we're a New York City law firm, IMO.


So, now my boys list includes Henry, Miles, Quillan, and Linus.  I still really like Elliot, but it looks as though that one is really taking off.  Blergh.  That was one of the only ones that had meaning to me too.  I'm still fond of Penelope and Fairlight for girls names, but I've added Thalia and Colette too.


One of my guilty pleasure names (which will never end up on a kid from my loins) but that I love is Vesper Irene, named for the strong females from the Sherlock Holmes series and the James Bond series.  :)  Does anyone else have ones that they love but they just KNOW they'll never use?

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I love Linus, but DP vetoed that immediately. Booooo. I also love Henry, but a once close friend just announced they were naming their son Henry, so off the list it goes.

I generally stay away from any names of children of friends, closer acquaintances, or people I strongly dislike...lol.

I'm really liking names ending with "er" for a boy, but baby's last name ends in "er", and I'm afraid it's too much rhyming. Bah.
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esenbee2- My son's name is Eli and I love it!  I think it is so perfect.  We have met a few other Elis since he was born (now 2 1/2 yrs old) but not a lot.  Levi was also a choice and my dad even mistakenly called him that a few times in the beginning!  I am having trouble picking a name I like just as much, boy or girl. 

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aidenn - I love the name Quillan. I have a friend with that name and it's great, not common, but pretty easy to say when you read it. I prefer names that you don't have to constantly explain to people how to say it smile.gif

vegrunr - A good friend of mine has a son named Eli or that would be on our list too. I love the name!
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Other names I like are Charlotte, Ameilia and Matilda for girls, and I like Simon and Robin for a boy. I'm going for nature names again for this one.

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We have been discussing like crazy. Boy will probably be Henry Franklin and girl Charlotte Danielle.

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