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LivingSky- I know what you mean about names you don't need to constantly explain how to say. I LOVE the name Isla (eye-la) for a girl, DP does too, but even when HE says it, is says "Iss-la". Probably a no go.

At least it's not as bad as my dad who more often than not refers to my sister Suzanne as Susan.
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You'll always have some person screwing up even a common name.  My name was to be Sarah, but my grandmother would have pronounced it Saar-rah, like far, but w/ S.  But there are names that the majority of people struggle with, so best not sit your kid with a hard to sound out name for them to correct it all the time, as it would get pretty annoying to have do it EVERY time you meet some new...

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aidenn, since you revealed your last name I will clue you into ours: Pocus. So names we will never use but would be absolutely hilarious (in another universe maybe): Abracadabra Hocus...
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I randomly decided I like the name Leo for a boy today. But more as a nickname. I would like a longer full name.. But not one that starts with Leo, but can still have the nickname Leo.. Make sense? My dd's nickname is Lyvi so I think it would go really well together. I'm sure my dh will veto it though. He's a hard one to please with names!

Re last names, ours is Villalobos. So very Hispanic, and there are just some names that don't flow with it. Plus no one can pronounce it, so adding a name to the front of that that is hard to pronounce is adding insult to injury. We kind of did that with our dd, but so far everyone has been able to figure it out without any trouble, plus she only goes by her nickname at this point. l think the last name Pocus is sooo cool Dakipode!
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mamamash: last year I learned that some people make Alexander into Lee, which I thought was interesting. In the same spirit you could turn Alexandro into Leo...
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Boy: Dexter Thomas.
Girl: Zoey Marie.
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Girl: Gwendolyn Aimée

Boy: Rory Étienne Dafydd


Because we can't pick a country.


Our 2 year old DD is Talia Elizabeth Anne.


Elizabeth for his mom, Anne for mine.

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I love thinking about names. I am far from settled on a name, but right now my favorite girl name is Amelia Marjorie and boy name is Jackson Andrew. 

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We're still pretty stuck on Penelope for a girl, DP wants the nickname "Pippi". I'm not sure where he's getting that from, but my inner little girl thinks its awesome, because Pippi Longstocking was my hero. Lol. Especially since 2 of my 4 kids have red hair, my inner little girl is doing cartwheels and flips-but I also think there's a seriously cheesy element to Pippi. We shall see.

My dad threw out the suggestion of Jack-his fathers name- for a boy. This is kind of a big deal because for years he said no one could name a child after my grandpa, but now he's actually suggesting it. He's also never really had much interest or opinion when it comes to baby names so its especially significant. My only hang up is how popular the name is.

I personally really like Abram or Abner; but I'm alone on those. Lol.
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We've settled on Isaac brian if its a boy, it's both our fathers names. But we can't agree on a girls name lol
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luvroo - I love Amelia for a girl! And Jackson is actually one of our (very few) backup boy names. I like your taste in names orngbiggrin.gif
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freckledmama - i love Isla too, but probably wouldn't use it for the same reasons! and I don't think Pippi is cheesy! 

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thefreckledmama - Penelope is on our short list for what you described, only our shortened form is Pippa or Nellie!  As of right now, it's slated to be a middle name, as we have eschewed Penelope as a first name in favor of Liberty.  


I used to think character trait names weren't my cup of tea, but lately names like Faith and Felicity have grown on me.  My husband prefers Liberty with a nickname of Libby, so I am rolling it around.  Vesper is still surprisingly in the mix, because I thought DH would've nixed that instantly.  Our boy's name selection is nearly set in stone as Miles Henry.  I wanted to avoid a monosyllabic first name (Miles Smith) but we've talked about Milo for a nickname, so hopefully that alleviates some of the concern...


serena76 - Isaac Brian is lovely!  I love the way the names work together and it's truly a classic!


dakipode - I think your last name is awesome!  I had no idea that was a last name, but yeah, I see the potential for the jokes!  My DH is half-German, so when I married him, all of my friends were asking me what my cool new German last name was going to be...."Smith"!  But MIL's maiden name is Haessig, so I guess that's plenty German!  :)


MamaMash - Your last name is lovely, but parts of Florida that aren't as Latin-friendly pronounce it Vil-lah-lobe-ohs, rather than the more melodic vee-yah-low-bohs.  I doubt that makes a difference what first name you choose with the mispronounciation, but it always bothers me that no one has picked up on the two LLs make a y sound!

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Aidenn- my nephew is named Milo! It's such a cute name. And I love Miles with the nickname milo. Cute cute. Yeah... I live in Utah.... Not at all diverse here haha, so almost no one can pronounce it correctly. Even my mom has a hard time still! What's funny is I took like 2 years of Spanish in JUNIOR HIGH and the first time my husband showed me his last name I automatically said oh "vee-yah-low-bohs cool name." If I can remember that two LL's make the y sound why can't anyone else?? I think he realized I was a keeper right then and there lol.
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Cd's mom & aidenn: I love the names Dexter & Milo

Freckledmama: the nickname Pippi is absolutely amazing! Pippi longstocking was also my hero as a kid! 


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Aidenn, I think Vesper is a cool name! 


We both like Daisy for a girl, and I for a boy I like Luca, or the old standards William and Joseph.  I also love my dad's name, Rowe, but DP's last name starts with an R and it sounds kinda sing-songy together.


We are far from decided :)

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I think we're set on Penelope for a girl. smile.gif Oldest dd and my bestie like Penny for a nickname. DP and the other kids like Pippi. I like Pen. Poor girl won't know what her name is. Lol.

That being said, I'm really thinking its a boy, and we're not even close in agreeing on a name if it is. I'm so stuck on Abner or Abram, and he likes Caden (there's been like 5 different spellings born among friends the last year or so) and Corbin. I'm not a fan of either. We both like Archer, but its rhymey with the last name and not "classic" enough for me. My other kids are Olivia, Claudia, Amelia, and George. I'd like this bean's name to "fit" as well.
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Love all the name's! I have nothing really. A name I love but probably won't ever use is, Arcadia Steele.
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As I work in Maternity and hear it all and absolutely love the subject of baby names, I have to say you ladies are excellent baby namers!!!! I love them all! I knew my names really, really early.


Alas, I am going with somewhat boring names but I have good reasons.


I am naming this baby all by myself and I have to admit, I like that end of it ;)


Anna Catherine, rock solid, not budging from this name 


Anna for a number of reasons, No Anna in my family at all :) Part of our names make Anna too, shANNon, NAthAN, AustiN, brendAN, Does that make sense to everyone? I am so goofy like that, LOL. Ties us all together and I think it is beautiful and classic. She will be Anna, no ANNIE unless she so chooses as she gets older. Nathan is Nathan to us but Nate at school, he prefers that we call him Nathan :) Catherine was my beloved Grandmother who is the reason I am the woman I am. And she would have two half sisters (from dad), Emma and Sara. Anna goes so nicely with their names.


Evan Edward or Evan David, pretty darn sure anyway


Edward is the father of my baby and if he changes his mind at all about being involved, Edward will be the middle name. If he is definitely not going to be involved, David after my uncle who is also my Godfather.


Evan because all of our names end in N and I do not want this little boy to sound adopted into the family but I want him to feel connected especially since he will be 14 years younger than his next oldest brother. Evan is the only boy name ending in N that I like and can imagine having in my arms. I have liked it for a bunch of years.

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Freckledmama, just tossing this out there: what about Theodore? Theo for short? I think it's classic in the way you're thinking but maybe not as popular as, say, Henry or Finn.
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