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Sorry, took some time to get back online and reply. Linus is 15 years old now  and when we picked it there were hardly any Linus around. I always saw it when booting up our LINUX computer, because of course the copyright belonged to Linus Thorvalds. First dh rejected it because of Linux but he also couldn't come up with an alternative. In reality it has turned out a great name (I think even Linus likes it) It works in English and German (which in the end also didn't matter because Linus insists people pronounce it in English). It is very easy to yell (which comes in handy wink1.gif )

Most people associate it with either the Peanuts character or with Linus Pauling Nobel prize winner...I can highly recommend it, even after 15 years no regrets

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Cutie Patootie: Tell me more about how the name Linus has worked out for you, it is so strange that you mentioned that your son is Linus, as well as the other posters discussing it, because it was on our alternate list and I somehow missed it in the discussion.  Since I have never met a Linus in my life, I was trying to imagine what it would be like to call out for a Linus or cheer for Linus.  What has your experience been?  Do you have pros and cons that go with it, or just all good stuff?


So sorry, I thought I replied to this, but it must have fallen out of the back of my head, like everything else these days. LOL


It's been all good.  Linus is an easy name and it definitely turns a lot of heads.  I don't get a lot of association with the Peanuts.  I think kids these days, don't really see as much Peanuts as we did. 

I notice sometimes when I call to him in a store, people do a double-take.  I have never gotten any negative responses.  The more you say it, the more lovely it is.  It's just a lovely name that really flows.  Our Linus has really grown into it.  It's super cute on a baby, but changes as they get older, it seems.  Family members who where naysayers, now say they couldn't picture any other name for him. 

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