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The 'I'M/SHE'S IN LABOR!!!!!!!!!!' Thread - Page 2

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OH!!!! EXCITING!!!!!!

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WAHoooooooO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Soooo exciting!  Can't wait for the updates about her sweet little babies!  :D  I had a dream that she birthed both vaginally with no complications at 36 weeks.  Praying she will get her dream birth and that she and babies stay safe!  



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Positive labor vibes to Ellie!

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hurray!!! thinking of you wLL

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I hope so too, Jodie!

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Yay how exciting! I'm thinking positive thoughts for WLL!


(Still in complete shock that our babies have ALL waited this long to make an appearance!)

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How exciting!!!

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YAY Ellie! Sending good labor vibes! Can't wait to hear about those sweet little babies' arrival!
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Woo hoo!!! Go Ellie, go ellie haha! She predicted Feb 15th, it looks like she was right smile.gif
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Yay!!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!!

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Yay! I just came on to see if her prediction was right and it was!
How exciting!
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Go Ellie! How exciting! 

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Wooooo! I am so stinking excited that I think I'm gonna cry! This is my first DDC. Go WLL! Go babies!

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bouncy.gif Yay!! Sending lots of ELV for a quick and complication free delivery!!

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can't wait to hear the news!!!

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Still in labor. My little man doesn't seem to want to drop down. They have been great with letting me labor at my own pace, but I'm sure that is because no one is interested in delivering babies in the middle of the night. Last time I was checked I was 5cm, 70% effaced. I should be checked again soon as that was almost 4 hours ago. 
It is funny, because yesterday at my appointment I was a fingertip dilated and my cervix was long and thick. I was convinced that these babies wouldn't come out until I was induced. Here's hoping we get some changes from baby A. I will update later if I am able!
Thanks for all of the good vibes, ladies!

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So exciting!!! Here's hoping they continue to let you go at your own pace and the little ones get right into position! goodvibes.gif ELV!!!
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Oh wow Ellie, i hope your little guy drops down soon! I'm probably the only one up at this hour since i'm a night owl lol. I have been thinking about you and your little ones all night. Doing some squats, standing with your knees apart and rotating your hips, and/or sitting on a birthing ball will help with getting his head engaged, if you're allowed to do any of that. I will be thinking about you and your babies, i hope labor is progressing smoothly now, i'll be waiting impatiently for an update love.gif
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Praying for you!

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