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The 'I'M/SHE'S IN LABOR!!!!!!!!!!' Thread - Page 16

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Oh, no! I hope both babies are well and home soon.

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Prayers for little Harrison and Anna....sending the moms lots of strength and love.

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I know I haven't posted much lately, but I wanted to let you know I'm thinking lots of positive thoughts for Anna and Harrison!  Congratulations on all the new babies--I can't keep up with it all!  


Much love,


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Sending tons of love and prayers for baby Anna! Sending comfort and strength to you, Melany <3

update: all we know right now is that Harrison's bowel isn't twisted which is great news. He had a poopy diaper yesterday after drinking the contrast for his xray. That sounds like good news, but we haven't gotten to speak with a dr. to find out how good that is.
Last we heard they will be giving him an enema today to see if there is just meconium blockage. If the enema doesn't produce the results they want then whatever the problem is will require surgery. I will update again as soon as I know something.

And Lennox is doing great and nursing like a champ! I'm producing enough colostrum to pump a good amount each feeding for Harrison
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Thinking of you wll.  Prayers for your family.

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My thought are with you mommies that have the poor sick babies.

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WLL, that sounds promising. Hope the enema yields the results they're after.
Well done Lennox for BFing and you for pumping. Go mama!
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I would be so happy if the enema was all little Harrison needed. I wish I was in Seattle so I could come and shower you with pampering, melany!!!! I got a staph infection in my boobs from being in the hospital 8 days after DD was born when our mom had a brain anneurism unexpectedly. The whole situation was a total mess! Wash your hands constantly!!! Don't touch your boobs or vagina if you didn't wash your hands. Take tons of emergen-c drink powder, too. Oh, I am with you in spirit!!! You can do this. You are amazing!
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Thoughts and prayers are still with Harrison and Anna and their families!!  Get well soon!


Hope all the healthy babes are still healthy and thriving!!

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WLL, that's great news!  I hope the enema does it's job.  Much love and many hugs! 

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Please pray for me and baby. I am due March 1st. They tried to induce me yesterday didnt really advance me very much. starting to dilate cervix is soft,  50% effaced.  I have borderline high blood pressure sometimes and GD.  I was at the hospital yesterday for a prostaglandin, they released me, came back and they did pitocen for several hours, a little change, but not alot and baby not moving down. This is #5 God willing  4 natural vaginal births before this.


So I guess I am having contractions, but they arent hurting as bad as the pitocen ones. Its kind of discouraging, but trying to pray about it..

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Praying for you herbsgirl and all the sick babies who are under care right now! grouphug.gif

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Herbsgirl - you'll be in my thoughts and prayers today, too.  Try and get some rest for your upcoming adventure.

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Herbsgirl- everything crossed for you that labor picks up and you have a healthy babe in arms soon.

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thinking of you, herbsgirl.

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Oh Ellie, poor little Harrison! It sounds like something is passing through so hopefully all will be well. Thinking of you guys x

HerbsGirl, are they inducing you early because of the GD? I guess you've exhausted herbal options by now? I'm sure the prostaglandin and pitocin will kick in shortly, sounds like something is happening smile.gif Good luck.
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Praying for Anna and Harrison. Herbsgirl, Praying for you also.

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GL Herbsgirl!
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