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The 'I'M/SHE'S IN LABOR!!!!!!!!!!' Thread - Page 32

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Yay scruffy!! Congratulations! Welcome to the world little guy!
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Congrats, scruffy! joy.gif You are a mama warrior! Welcome, little one!
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So... uh... opinions, ladies!!!


I had pretty consistent and intense contractions and cramping all last night. Lots of back labor, oh fun! ;) They were definitely strong, but not something that I haven't experienced before with my crazy contractions.


However, then this morning I got up to go to the bathroom and just before I got there felt a distinct little gush of fluid in my undies. Not enough to soak through my pants and drench my socks, but a definite "oh, woah" moment. I sat down on the toilet and wiped away some clear mucus and a bunch of yellowish-clear watery discharge. It wasn't (and isn't) gushing/pouring out, but it is still steadily dripping, and was enough to trickle down my leg when I stood up to pull my pants up. (Don't you love my wealth of detail here??? LOL!) 


Now, for the past several weeks I have had tons of discharge, much of it watery, often enough to soak through undies but never enough to actually trickle down my leg! I've been doing EPO vaginally for the last few weeks and have definitely noticed that it seems to increase the watery discharge, and since this is very very faintly yellowish I'm wondering if it's just that. However, this was at 7am, a good 9 1/2 hours after I put my EPO capsule in for the night, and although I'd had a good amount of the EPO discharge at the beginning of the night I hadn't had as much in the past few hours. Definitely not a gush like this!


Oh, and it's definitely not urine.


So my question is.... I know there have been several ladies on here recently who thought their water was broken but wasn't. I hesitate to rush into the hospital only to be told it's not my water, esp since I HAVE had so much watery discharge lately and my OB confirmed last week that it wasn't my water. I also don't want to rush into the hospital to find I'm not dilated any further. irked.gif On the other hand, I AM GBS+ so I don't want to wait forever if it does turn out to be a leak. For now I've put in a pad and plan to see how quickly it does or doesn't fill, and I'll see if the contractions stay the same/get worse/etc.


Anyway, what would you do?

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Storygirlcindy- It sounds like your water broke to me! Either way, its better to go in and be sent home than to be unsure and not do anything IMHO. Good luck!
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So, to add more mystery to all of this, now some of this seems to be kind of watered-down bloody show??? LOL. Like, sticky mucus and then also some watered-down pinkish blood. Not sure if it's bloody show mixing with discharge, or bloody show mixing with a fluid leak, or what! I laid down to do the "pooling test" and didn't have a big gush when I got back up after 30 minutes, so I think for now I'm guessing it's probably not my water. I'm going to watch it over the next hour or two and see what it does, and if it keeps up I'll probably go in just to make sure. I'm still contracting and cramping pretty strongly, but don't really trust that since it happens ALLLLL the time. One way or another though... I'm starting to be hopeful that this could be the start of something!!! joy.gif HERE'S HOPING.

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I was one of those! It was not urine even though that's what I was told. it could be more discharge or even a forewater leak. If it continues to trickle or gush for several hours and contractions get stronger its probably your water. Good luck!
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Yeah WMM - DEFINITELY not urine. For one thing, ever since baby dropped a little over a month ago I have rather the, er, opposite problem when it comes to my bladder, lol. (She likes to sit on it and squish it which makes it very hard to empty it!) And it was a distinct "oh wow, a minute ago there wasn't anything in my vagina and now there's a ton of fluid," if that makes any sense.


Just checked again, whatever else it is or isn't it's DEFINITELY bloody show. Still a bit watered-down but bright reddish blood, a pretty good amount too! And not just blood-tinged mucus! Just going to keep an eye on it all for a bit, but I think we'll probably be packing the last-minute things in our hospital bag just in case... one way or another it looks like something might be happening in the next day or two! I'm crossing my fingers so hard that this is the answer to my "please let us avoid the induction Tuesday" prayers!


ETA - I'd say the contractions and cramping have gotten steadily stronger through the night for the most part. However, that actually happens to me a lot (periods where they will get more intense over time) so I'm not banking on it yet.

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congratulations, scruffy!!!!!!!!! :D  Boys are great!  love.gif

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GL storygirl!  I hope this is it for you!

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Yay, Scruffy! Congratulations!!!!

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Story - I in no way want to freak you out, but I have read in many places to contact your practitioner if your bloody show appears bright red. Maybe you should check in with your MW/OB?

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Meggsy - it's not really bright red... it's more like a pinkish/light red because it's kind of watery. I'm definitely planning to get in touch with my OB or go get checked at the hospital in a bit, though.  I've definitely read descriptions of show that are like this, which is why I'm not too worried... from what I understand it is (hopefully!!!) a sign of dilation, as the capillaries burst as the cervix opens. For the moment, though, since I am still pretty sick and feeling really lousy this morning (LOL) I'm going to try to take a little nap and shower and then see where things stand. Tentatively excited/hopeful, though! I'm hoping this means if not today then probably tomorrow... :)


ETA - I think the time when you're supposed to be concerned if it's a copious amount of bright red, straight blood, because that could be something else. The way it is though it def seems to be mixing with whatever the watery stuff is (discharge or a small fluid leak) which does make me think it's coming from my cervix.

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Yay!!!! Congrats, scruffy!!!


Good luck, storygirl! It sounds like things will definitely be happening soon!

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Phew - sorry to be alarmist. Lord knows I have had my fair share of fear mongering lately - it seems everyone has been dying to tell me their horror birth story or how insanely colicky their baby was, etc... Maybe I am just getting paranoid from all the crazy stuff people are telling me! 


I hope it indeed comes for you soon! 

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Oh gosh, Meggsy, I totally get that! I hate when people do that.


So, things are still the same. Still contracting pretty strongly and still losing lots of watery blood & mucus (the mucus is increasing) - it's been going on for 5 hours now and is like a light period, I've already filled a pad already! It's so weird. I finally called the answer line at my OB and the nurse there said she thinks it sounds like my water broke and I should go to L&D to get checked out, but I'm still not convinced it's my water breaking... I guess we'll see! I don't feel a particular sense of urgency or like anything is wrong, so I sent my husband off to church and we'll go when he's done with that unless things change in the meantime. I'm contracting strongly & uncomfortably but I don't know, I don't FEEL like I'm necessarily "in labor." Then again, it's also pretty safe to say I probably wouldn't recognize labor if it bit me in the butt at this point because of all the weird contraction stuff I've had going on for the last few months. Mostly I think I'm just feeling grumpy and disinclined to go sit around in triage and explain things to nurses, LOL, since I am sick and my throat is killing me! ROTFLMAO.gif So anyway, I'll keep you ladies posted. For those of you who had bloody show during or just before labor that was more than just bloodstained mucus - how long did that last? Both my doula and the nurse on the answering line said that they'd never heard of anybody having bloody show that kept going for 5 hours before...

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Oh I had bloody show on and off all day Friday and then when the real labour hit it was pretty non-stop - apparently that's normal if your cervix is dilating fast.  Go storygirl!!!  You'lll have your baby soon.

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Thanks spughy! That's kind of what I've been thinking. What color was yours? Was it just mucus or more blood than mucus, or what? Like I said above, mine feels like a light period, consistent and drippy (bleh, lol). In fact, between that and the cramps that are accompanying my contractions today, I sort of just feel like I just started my period!

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My sixth sense seems to be spot on with you, cindy smile.gif. I just posted in another thread that i sense strongly you'll have your baby soon and then i read the updates here which are definitely pointing towards impending labor!! joy.gif. I know it can be hard to identify it yourself, especially with all the contractions you've been having, but that gush of liquid with a bunch of bloody show are HUGE signs that it will be very soon, more than likely today! I am happy for you and also envious lol. Btw, i've also heard that bloody show can last for hours.

Now why cant i use my awesome skills with myself?? I think i get my hopes up without using my extrasensory perception. Silly me. Seeing this is helping me see that my original prediction of the 27th is something i sensed, so i'm sticking with that.
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Also, congrats scruffy on your baby boy!! love.gif. I cant wait to see pictures and hear the story!
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Sunshine, if it makes you feel better, there are probably more than half a dozen times now that I've had a sense I would have the baby on a certain day and none of them have actually happened. ;) Prodromal labor can really throw you for a loop! Here's hoping the 27th IS your day!

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