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The 'I'M/SHE'S IN LABOR!!!!!!!!!!' Thread - Page 33

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That does make me feel better, thank you, cindy smile.gif
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I highly recommend going out for ice cream on those days. ;) It's a pretty decent coping mechanism!

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Sunshine-- I'm with ya! I also picture the 27th! Maybe we will labor together.  :)

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That would be epic, chapsie!! :-D
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Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!!!  It was quite the trip and I'll write more later.  We're home now.  Healthy baby boy (gasp!!) born last night at 2314 hrs on Earth Day joy.gif!  Left the hospital before noon thumb.gif.  I would have left last night, but I was so tired all I wanted to do was to crawl into a bed, and there just so happened to one there!!


Story - good luck!!!  I had my real bloody show 3 days before my labour started.

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Congratulations Scruffy!  Good job!!!

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I'm all kinds of late on updating, but I was in labor fri night to sat morning.

Baby boy was born 3-23 at 720am!

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Hey cocoanib!! We were just talking about you, wondering if you're doing okay. I'm glad to hear you and your baby are doing well!! Post some pictures and a birth story if you feel so inclined smile.gif
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Congrats to you too, Spughy!!! 


And to you too, Cocanib!!


So many babies!!!

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Congrats cocoanib!!!!!
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Story girl I hope this is it for you. My show went on from Saturday night through Sunday and baby came Monday about 40 hours after that first gush.
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congrats scruffy and cocoanib! joy.gif
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cocoanib, Congratulations!!! :D

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Congratulations, cocoanib! Yay for more babies!! joy.gif

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joy.gif congratulations scruffy and cocoanib! joy.gif Enjoy your baby moons!
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Has anyone heard from storygirlcindy? It sounded like labor was about to start the last time she posted a few days ago. I hope she's cuddling with her baby right now smile.gif
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Originally Posted by sunshinelove View Post

Has anyone heard from storygirlcindy? It sounded like labor was about to start the last time she posted a few days ago. I hope she's cuddling with her baby right now smile.gif

I was thinking this, too. I hope you're cuddling your healthy little one now, story!
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I was also wondering about Storygirl!  I think she had an induction scheduled for today if she didn't go into labor.  Keep her in your prayers!  

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Hey guys! I didn't drop off the face of the earth. I DID have my baby. It turns out that WAS my water breaking, and I think the moral of that story (for all you ladies left) is "if you think your water has broken, GO IN TO THE HOSPITAL" and don't wish-wash about it all day... I did end up with a suspected infection because of it. Luckily baby & I are both doing well now.


As far as births go, it was definitely not the peaceful and natural birth that I wanted. Baby Kate (a whopping 9 lbs 8 oz and 21" long—every time I hold her I find myself looking at her length and going "crap, how did my 5'2 self FIT this kid in there???") and I both had a number of complications during labor and we ended up in an emergency c-section after about 30 hours, which was the absolute LAST thing we were hoping for. So, it was a long process and definitely didn't go at all in the way I had hoped... but as I get a day or two more distance on it all I am still amazed at how much I am learning about God and about myself from the experience. I'm planning to write up a birth story but it will probably take me a week or two as I process through everything that happened. For now, the important thing is.... hubby and I are HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE with our sweet little girl!!! We are seriously pinching ourselves, we think we lucked out and got the easiest baby ever. She latched perfectly with hardly any coaching from me on the 2nd try, she nurses like a champ, she sleeps like a champ and by her preference will wait a good 3-4 hour chunk between feedings (um, hello, SLEEP, you know how long it's been since I slept for 3 hours in a row after having 3 1/2 months of contractions???), she hardly ever fusses and when she does she usually quiets down and is calm again regardless of whether she actually gets what she wants, LOL. She also has the most amazing full head of black hair... probably 1 1/2 inches. And although initially one of the pediatricians (who is now on my naughty list) wanted to keep her in the special care unit because she needs 48 hours of anitbiotics as a result of my infection, we convinced OUR pediatrician that she could room in with us and do her IVs here, and we have spent every moment snuggling and loving on her! I'll go try to post a pic in the baby pic place now.

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Oh and I should add, her bday was 3/25 - 41 weeks and 2 days. I think she just had to prove she was just slightly more stubborn than her mama, since my mom carried 7 days late with me and labor officially began for me bright and early on the morning of the 8th day post-dates! I'm also so glad she chose to come before the induction (even though, ironically enough, it didn't end up changing much for various reasons) because my dad is only in town til Thursday, and he's gotten to spend much more time with her than he would have been able to!

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