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The 'I'M/SHE'S IN LABOR!!!!!!!!!!' Thread - Page 36

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ELVs Chapsie! And I am SO hoping that you're next, sunshine. 

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Thinking of you Chapsie!!!!!!!!!!!

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Go, Chapsie! ELV!
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Excellent! Go Chapsie! Sending lots of ELV's your way x
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Oh yes!!! GOOOO CHAPSIE!!! I am so excited she went into labor!!

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joy.gif Congratulations hikingfortruth and welcome baby Etienne Oliver! joy.gif

Any updates on chapsie?
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Yay, chapsie!! joy.gifjoy.gif. I am so excited for you! I hope you will be holding your baby soon, if not already.

Thank you, storygirl, i hope i'm next too smile.gif
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I'm having painful menstrual-type cramps now, they started about an hour and a half ago. They are very different from all the back labor i've been having. I'm taking this as a positive sign but i refuse to get my hopes up too high. Has anyone else experienced really intense menstrual-type cramps at the beginning of labor?
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sunshine, yes, me! That is what my real contractions feel like. Your baby might have moved into a better position and that could be why your back labor has disappeared! I hope this is it for you. So excited to hear good news soon about your baby...

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I had my baby!!!!  3/29 at 11:27pm.  Born at home in the water!  She is awesome!  And Homebirth is awesome!!! 8lb 12oz 20.5" (our smallest baby by far!).  Feeling great and very happy.  Thanks for all your love and support!  

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Oh how wonderful chapsie, congrats!!

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Woo hoo, chapsie!! joy.gif. That is so wonderful, i'm happy you got the peaceful birth you wanted smile.gif. I cant wait to see pictures and read the story!

Still cramping here, i even had a gnarly side ache for awhile. It doesnt seem to be progressing very quickly, i'll probably try to sleep through them soon. Thanks, writermama, for your words of encouragement. Its nice to know you experienced this at the beginning of your labor, it gives me hope.
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yeay, chapsie! Congratulations! joy.gif


Sorry I didn't get on here to update until now. Glad to see u already did!

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Hurrah Chapsie, delighted you got the peaceful home birth you wanted. Congratulations x
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Sunshine!  Praying for you!! I hope you don't get too exhausted with all this pre-labor!  Do you have a chiropractor?  Maybe getting an adjustment can help get baby in a better position for birth?  They can also do some acupressure to get things going.   I had an adjustment this morning, went home and slept all afternoon and then BAM!  Labor started.  

You are next, I just know it!

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Hurray chapsie!! Congrata!!!!

Sunshine-- thats sounds exactly like the start of my labors!!!
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Chapsie, congrats! joy.gif

Sunshine, I've heard menstrual cramps are a great sign! I've had some here and there but nothing regular like you. ELV!

afm - Total meltdown yesterday and true giving up didn't work. I even ripped up my labor part of my birth plan and put on my comfy "labor pants." Hmph. Yet anyway. I'm trying to stay in that space I found yesterday where I'm surrendered to my lack of control and looking ahead to holding my baby however he comes. I can't believe I'm still pregnant. 41+4 today. Two days until my OB appointment to discuss her "when" recommendation for a c-section.
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Yay chapsie! I knew it would work out for you! Congrats joy.gif

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go chapsie! Congrats

Sunshine I'm praying your real labor starts soon! I was 41+4 when mine started. I think you are close to that, right?
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any updates on sunshine???

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