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Where can I buy some decently priced nursing tops.

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I hope this is a good place to put this.

I am due in about a month and really need to get some nice nursing tops or dresses that do not cost a lot.  I wear around a 3x and it is next to impossible to find nursing tops that are not around $100.  

I live near Austin, texas if anyone knows of any local shops that sale nursing clothes, but online or chain stores are great with me too.  I just need something I can wear to church and around town when I have my baby in a sling that does not require lifting up my whole top to breastfeed.


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Old Navy has some tops and dresses on sale right now.  Everything is under $20.  I haven't worn them, but I like their maternity clothes. 

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I'm a modest dresser and what I do is wear a cami under a regular shirt. I pull the shirt up and the cami down so that I'm covered (especially my belly!) while nursing. You can use an actual nursing cami or even a normal one.


Here are the ones they have at Target:



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I wear a cami under everything to keep my belly covered up!!! it really makes every top a nursing top.  put the cami underneath, for a button up top, unbutton from the bottom, then you remain modest while nursing.  if it's a t shirt or other non buttoning shirt, you're still covered if you lift from the bottom :) 

congrats on the little one!!

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forgot... i get nursing tanks from Target, they are reasonable and comfy

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Thank you for the ideas.

I was at our old navy a few weeks ago and they do not carry maternity or nursing that goes above a size 14, and looking on-line I did not see anything there in a 3x either. 


I tried the cami/tank top under a regular shirt with my 3rd son, but still found it next to impossible to get everything tucked back down where it was suppose to go after nursing while still walking around with him in a sling. 

Also now that I am in Texas I think I would burn up having that many layers on.  This still may end up being my best option, I was just hoping for a better more cooler one. 


The few places on-line that I have found only seem to carry long sleeved shirts or sleeveless neither of which I am comfortable wearing.  Maybe I am just too picky but I just want something of around t-shirt length sleeves that lets me nurse somewhat discreetly. 

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