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Small gush?

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This pregnancy is throwing me for a loop, lol!
My water broke with the first two, totally unmistakeably. Third was born in the caul. 37w4d, 38w1d, and 38w6d.

Today I am 36w3d and on my way to the bathroom this morning I had a little gush of something. Definitely not pee, I was holding that very well, and I had peed only a couple hours earlier. But nothing since. Well, I'm damp, but nothing flowing.
I have ctx almost all the time, so nothing new there.
BUT I can feel something a little different in my vagina.
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I wish I had helpful info for you. My water broke with all of mine, so I always got some of that pH paper from the MW. I wonder whether you can get that at any drug store? It might be worth calling around to find some today. That is what I would do!


I am excited for you!!

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I thought my water was leaking with my first (it wasn't). When I went to get tested, the nurses said that amniotic fluid smells like bleach. My only advice would be to smell and see. 

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Could also be excess cervical/vaginal fluids.  Apparently that's pretty common.

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Thanks. I've just been waiting it out. So far nothing, so it must've just been cervical fluid, like mentioned. It would've been the perfect day though... Daytime, my sister could've helped with kids, etc... Oh we'll.
Mothering › Groups › March 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Small gush?