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hi , new to this

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Iv been seperated now for nearly 4years, single dad to only one , i hav had my son since he was 14, is now 17 and started college is in his first year.
I also have two daughters , a 20 year old who doesnt talk to me and hasnt since the seperation. Iv tried so many different ways to communicate , and have had no luck with anything that iv tried. This is the first year i havent bort anything for xmas or her birthday as i have never had a reply in the past and i dont even no if anything i have ever bortt her in the past has even got to her, and my x in the past has not past gifts , or msgs onto my daughter. This plays heavey on me.
My youngest is 11. And i have her every second fortnight , and injoy every second i can have with her.
Like alot of us i have worked very hard in the past , and have watched everything i have ever worked for get taken of me and thrown away.
Both my wife and I when we were together done everything on our own with no family support because of personal reasons, i no i suffering from loss , rejection , the feeling of being unloverble , and even though she has been routhless with the desissions that she has made with me and our children , i miss her companion ship very much.
I dont think id be here now if my son hadnt of chosen to come and live , u see in the past my feelings of love and compatsion always come accross as me being week.
I came accross these sights because i got talking to a girl i met in another state, after talking to her after a couple of days , it was support she needed not a relationship, and found single morhers forum so she could relate to other people in her situation, lol , realised um sick on tied of doing things by myself , im not game enouth to reply to single mothers though because i have balls and i dont think i would come out feeling any better.
I pay child support , im sick of working , tied of everything , im a trucky witch takes up alot of my time. Working now , which means i can only check this every so often.
Sorry if i sound self obsorbed , or pitty me . I hope to work through my problem and injoy life and have realised i need support do do so.
Thank u for yr time
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Welcome to MDC, tieddad! I think you'll find a wealth of information and support here. There are so many people here, with so many different interests. If you look around the forums, I'm sure you'll find some posts about things that resonate with you. And, don't be too scared of the single moms! They won't sugar coat things, but the folks on this board place a high value on any parent that wants to do what's best for their children. You sound like that kind of parent to me. You aren't the only dad, or even single dad on MDC. =D

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Thank you , i dont feel conferdant with this but i need help with little time i have with my youngest daughter , haha aspecialy as she is getting older , my son i need to no were to look as finnancialy yearly rate is good im not serviving. and my gorgeous older daughter of 20 who i have no influence with , i realy want to put my hand out for but everything i try i fail at.
sugar coating acomplish's nothing so thank you , and thank you for not pushing me aside and your suportive response. Were i need to look in this forum im not to sure , to ask the question , and be responsive to others.
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Maybe a visit to the Teens and Preteens forum would be a good place to start. You can ask questions about your youngest, or even just read the discussion other parents are having about their 11yr old daughters for ideas. =D

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