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We are pondering sending our kiddo to preschool.  When he was born there was a philosophical exemption from immunization requirements.  This past summer it has turned to strictly a religious exemption.  In order to enroll our kiddo in school I have to have the form approved and I need to give them atleast 60 days.  This will prolong our ability to enroll him in school and then our exemption could be denied.  I guess my question is how have families who are not vaccinating or selectively vaccinating dealing with this newer religious exemption in terms of enrolling in schools.  Homeschooling is not an option at this point.  If the form is denied and homeschooling is not an option are people fully vaccinating their children in order to get into school?  It seems rediculous and perhaps dangerous to even contemplating fully vaccinating our 4 year old at this point.  Thanks for any feedback.  I am just trying to get a handle on this suprise.