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If you had to guess...

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When do you think your baby will born?


My first was an induction at 42 weeks, and I've been telling myself this one will probably not come out until 42 weeks either. But now I'm starting to feel like it will be sooner. Everything about the pregnancy is different, so I have no reason to believe it will end at the same time as my last. I read somewhere in one of Ina May's books that women who are sexually active during their pregnancy tend to go into labor sooner. I wasn't during my last pregnancy, but I have been during this one, so maybe that will make a difference? I've also been having BH since 20 weeks and with my first I never had any until like 36 weeks. I know that doesn't technically mean anything... but I'd like to believe this baby won't be gestating as long as my last. I'm thinking maybe somewhere in my 39th week. 


Anyone else have a guess at to when you might start labor? For those of you who are now having your first, when did you previous labor(s) start?

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I am due March 1, but my guess is March 7.  March 10 also sticks in my mind. 


It only recently occurred to me* that I could possibly go before 40 weeks.  Like, I've done such a good job of convincing myself that 40 weeks is not a deadline or eviction date that I will be surprised if I don't make it to... at least 40w3d or so.


The women in my family seem to all go between about 39.5 and 42, so I guess I have good reason to think what I'm thinking.  But I'm sorta freaking out about the fact that I have a completely realistic chance of having a baby in less than a month (one month would be 41w3d)!


*I mean, not literally "only recently occurred to me," but YKWIM.

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My best guess dd was 4/1 but the early u/s said more like 3/27 and since I have irregular periods either could have been accurate. I'd really like baby to make it to April (because April just seems like a good month to be born lol) and 4/1 would be a cool day to be born I think, so that's what I'm hoping for. None of my kids came before their dd's so I doubt this little guy will, I just hope he's not more then a day or two late - my YDD was 12 days late and that was miserable lol.

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Sami, I just saw this thread right after finding a prediction thread that I'd missed from a couple weeks back! People made a lot of predictions - you might enjoy reading through it (I just did). smile.gif



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This has been on my mind a lot this week! I have had regular, timeable contractions (every few minutes 24/7, never going away) for about 2 months now, so we've been wondering for quite awhile if the baby would come early. Up until last week I was getting bimonthly fetal fibronectin tests which were all negative (giving me nearly a foolproof guarantee that I wouldn't go into labor in the next 14 days), but I timed out of my last one last week...... so...... now I have no idea! It's my first pregnancy so from the beginning I had in my head that I'd probably go late, but I have had enough different complications that can all cause earlier births that I'm really wondering. I'm also kind of getting to the point with all these contractions where I am sort of ready to be done sooner rather than later. :-/ I hope she stays in at least one more week (to 36 weeks), and after that, whenever. I sort of have a feeling it won't be 40 weeks... and I've been trying to make sure I have everything ready so she can come anytime... but who knows if I'm right! When I do my "visualize your birth" hypnobabies script, I visualize the first week of March (38 weeks). ;)

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