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Juicing for weight loss

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Has anyone had success losing weight with juicing? I just bought a juicer and am thinking of replacing my breakfast meal with a vegetable/fruit juice, and maybe perhaps my lunch as well... or maybe a juice for lunch with a salad or soup or something lighter than my normal meal. So, it'll be almost like a 1/2 day juice fast, then with a healthy meal for dinner. 

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That's just what my husband does - he juices morning and lunch, and then has a healthy dinner. When he's good about it, he loses well, but he gets off track sometimes. He says when he's good about it he feels great though! Once you get used to the taste of the juice (which isn't great) it can really give you energy.

Good luck!

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Juice can absolutely taste great! I love juiced (or vitamixed) greens with green apple and ginger, or even carrots or beets thrown in. You barely Tate the greens, the apple give it a nice tang and the ginger makes it pure heaven.
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Great! I am still waiting to receive my juicer in the mail but I'm excited to start. I ordered a Breville juice fountain plus. But then I read some reviews online that said it doesn't do greens well? I hope that's not true, since I want to do green drinks. 

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We have a Breville. It doesn't work well if we put in one leaf at a time, but if we really do a bunch and pack it in, we get a good amount of juice out.

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Okay, great! good to know. 

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