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Because my water broke first, I have to go in to the hospital to make sure baby is doing okay but if everything's alright I get to come back home until labour starts or until tomorrow.


Good luck, Kellybeth! I told you we were on a similar path ;)

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Good luck ladies! Will be thinking of you!
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Good luck ladies! Will be thinking of you!
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Wow, so excited for all of you. I will be stalking here all day for news!

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Wow, so excited for all of you. I will be stalking here all day for news!

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Go, ladies!

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Oh, and if possible, and if you are comfortable waiting, see if they will hold off on a cervical check, as it may "put you on the clock" after rupture of membranes.  Good luck!

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I knew I'd wake up to some exciting news! Good luck everyone. Can't wait to hear more baby news !!!!!
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Good luck everyone!!! So exciting.

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Exciting!!  Thinking of you all!!

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Back home again after getting my antibiotics for GBS and confirming that my water did indeed break. Contractions have definitely kicked in but I haven't gotten around to start timing them yet. I've had one that was super intense and a lot of little ones so far. Eating some food now to prepare for what's ahead of me and planning to head back to the hospital in 3 hours for another round of meds.

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I have a lot of catching up to do here (many thanks & congratulations, mostly!) but I wanted to update my own progress: After a sleepless night of strange new bladder (&cervical? too asleep/annoyed to know for sure) pressure & pain (thought maybe she'd stuck a hand down next to her head, though I couldn't feel for sure), I awoke to some bloody show and increased/strengthened BH. I had to make a (2.5 hr round-trip) airport run this morning, and was actually nervous that I'd have to deal with real contractions while driving. Luckily, they held off, and while resting now I've experienced some contractions that I'd classify as mildly painful (yippee!). I know these signs could mean nothing, but our "due date" is tomorrow so I'm beginning to be excited about the possibility. Got another unexpected day off, so I'll continue to finish nesting and just enjoy whatever peace I can!

Sooooo relieved for you ladies-in-waiting to finally be in labor! I've kept checking in, though I rarely have time to comment. Big happy birthing vibes!! <3<3<3
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Go, Teles!  Go, Everyone!

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Wow :) So exciting... Happy to hear your water broke Teles!


Mine is still leaking slooooowly. On the advice from telehealth and my doula we're going to head to the hospital since it's been 14 hours since the rupture and no sign of labour progressing. I'm pretty upset about it because I feel like I'm getting on the intervention treadmill, the hospital here won't let you leave once your membranes have ruptured (not sure if that's just VBAC) so I'll probably be induced.


I'm going to go shower and get into a better mindset now. :)  

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Wow, all kinds of labor and water breaking. So exciting. Best of luck to everyone!!
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Well... they said it wasn't amniotic fluid so we were allowed to go home.


Which I'm happy about since I wasn't also having contractions, but it would have been nice to have amniotic Fluid and contractions AND A BABY!


Oh well... even if it's not amniotic Fluid, at least it's a lot of pinkish discharge which means stuff is happening so I'm happy.

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Sounds like a great consolation prize, at least! Here's hoping things start up in earnest soon.
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Teles sending you so much love! So so so excited for you. I could not deal with labor and no sleep so i have been trying to sleep through it. been a rough night. they are intense now. gonna get my hospital bag together, make hubby coffee and wake him up. it's that time.
Thinking of you kellybeth!! Hope you're snuggling baby girl in your arms now!
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