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I am wondering how the ladies that sell arbonne, do not have parties? I just joined and I want to become a stay at home mother, but my family does not see this as a REAL income. I really need to prove to them that I can do this. 

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bump.gifing this for you, to see if someone else can help!

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If you don't do parties, you have to do one-on-ones, meeting people individually to tell them about Arbonne's products, and by inviting more people to join your team. But why wouldn't you do parties? They don't have to be at your house and they are a great way to leverage your time. I think Arbonne is a fabulous thing to do for people who want to stay home with their kids. If you stick with it your family will be blown away by how much you can earn. Your upline should be able to help you develop a plan. In my line that's what we do with our new consultants. Plus Arbonne is so perfect for someone who believes in safe products for their kids, which you clearly do by belonging to this site. email me if you want more help. fionacmitchell at g mail. Good luck!

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I hate doing sales and I would not be got at those jobs, but I do want to say that arbonne has great products, they all smell so good and work well (the ones I tried), that you should do okay if you believe in the products and enjoy your job. Good luck!

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I love Arbonne and would love to sign up as a rep, but like you, parties just don't seem to be my thing. I used to do Tupperware and asking people to host parties was like asking people if they wanted anthrax :-(.  I don't know how people do it.

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