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New Facebook community/blog focused on unschooling preschool aged children

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I created a new facebook community and blog focused on unschooling during the pre-school years. So many of my friends are sending their 2 and 3 year olds off to preschool and we are keeping our son home! I'd love to invite you guys to like the new page and follow the new blog. 






Know of any other unschooling blogs focused on preschool and early elementary age? I'd love to check them out! 

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I enjoyed looking through it.  Thanks for the link!

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LOVE THIS! Thanks for creating. We are in the same boat over here. My son will be 2 in the fall and I have a lot of friends with similar age children who are already talking about preschool, part time programs, etc. etc. It has NEVER occured to me to send my DS to preschool, let alone school for that matter. This is a wonderful resource!

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Thanks for creating this community! My son is a preschool dropout. I started him in my church's preschool at three and he had a lot of anxiety about it, and then I found out about some of their practices that were questionable to say the least (a "treasure box" for good behavior, lots of boring worksheets, etc). I had a lot of pressure to keep him in preschool, but I felt so great when I pulled him out! We've had so much fun the last couple of years just continuing to learn and play at home (and out in the world).
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I've actually gotten more negative feedback than I've expected, but the positive feedback is much more. I had one person tell me I was hurting the unschooling movement by claiming to unschool so young, another tell me I wasn't a radical enough unschooler (lol), and another telling me that what I'm doing is just normal life and there's no need to put a name on it (all these were in much harsher terms). 

Everyone has an opinion! 

But really I'm trying to create a support network for parents of toddlers who know there will not be formal schooling in their child's future. I haven't found anything like that out there, so I decided to step up and fill the gap. I also created a closed facebook group for more sensitive questions (it won't show up in your feed, like posts on the page will). 


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Got to love how an idea turning into a movement causes people to critisize anyone whose path doesn't look exactly the same as theirs. eyesroll.gif


Anyway, sounds neat and I requested to join. Thanks.

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I also requested to join the closed group as well! This is great and inspiring. I see a blog in my future as well bc it is a wonderful way to chrinicle my families learning.


How interesting that an unschooler would criticise you/us for giving US a bad name bc our children are so young. My thinking is that this type of learning/philosophy on life/education starts young. We have been US DS since he was born, not really on purpose, but more bc that is what felt right to us (ie we follow a routine for comfort, but nothing is set in stone, Ds can eat when he wants/for however long he wants, play with whatever he wants, even if they are not "baby" toys, and rest when he is tired, not when the clock tells us too.) As he gets older more and more of this has been unfolding and we have decided to make the choice to be conscious Radical Unschoolers.


I feel it is best to start this young because it sets the stage for it working well in your family, and gives both parent's a chance to get on board and learn and grow together, which can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. I am anxiously awaiting the Life Rocks conference in April which is hosted by Dayna Martin, a Radical Unschooler of 4, among many other things. I am so pumped to attend this week long conference as I am sure it will help clarify so much! www.liferocks.com

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I can totally see the need for support for parents not putting their toddler in preschool.  We loved our moms club but it was so disheartening when there are no 3 or 4 year olds left in the group, except for the few token future homeschoolers.  The kids themselves were super sad and missed the fun moms club, too, and I could never understand why the moms were doing it, especially since they were all stay at home moms still.  (it would be more understandable if they had gone back to work or school, naturally)


I also see the point of seasoned unschoolers thinking that it may be a lot of work on your part for little reward.  Having been unschooling for over 7 1/2 years and extremely active in our homeschool group (my 14 year old went to kinder but has unschooled since), it is disheartening to see people with young ones (and older ones) join for a year or two years, and then put their children in school.  I fear for you that you will make all these wonderful relationships with these purported unschooling preschoolers, only to find 3/4s of them put their kids in school anyway.  But, with that small warning in mind, do it anyway!  Just be ready for small disappointments and focus on the positive of it.  Good luck!

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Thanks so much. I realize some will go on to various forms of schooling the future (we even may send Mark to the free school 1-2 days a week when he gets older). My hope is that with encouragement more kids will get more freedom and have a better educational experience. 

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Thanks for creating that group, my son is the same age and I know what you mean. It's nice to talk with people at the beginning of the journey too who 'get' all the small things early on.


I requested to join the closed group.

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