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Sibling at birth

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We're planning on having DS at our birth and I've read suggestions of putting together an activity box of some kind to help keep him entertained. I have a few ideas of things to get, but was looking for other suggestions of items/activities to put in there that he might find engaging. I really don't want to sit him in front of the iPad for the entire time if I can help it. We might have someone there specifically for him, but haven't decided quite yet. Thanks.

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For my last birth my boys each had a coloring book and crayons, a magnadoodle, and some new picture books.  Mostly they slept because my hard labor was at night.

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How old is he? Where are you giving birth? 


The activity box is a good idea, but I wouldn't feel bad about distracting DS with movies if you have to... You will probably be too occupied to care and will need to focus on other things.


My DS will be 3 on March 12 and I'm planning on having my mom come to entertain him. I'd like him to be in the room when baby is born (at home), but that's up to him and his comfort level. If he seems upset, my mom can take him to his room or outside. Or he may be completely disinterested...


Then again, we may be having babies in the middle of the night and they will sleep through it! Who knows...

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I've been thinking about making some "busy bags" to unveil to DD (2.5 years) when labor begins (you can just google busy bags - there are some mommy blogs with good listings of them and some good pinterest collections of them).


i'd like to get DD a new special toy, but i have NO idea what she'd like... i'm honestly more into toys than she is.


i'm also planning to get a ton of books from the library for her. seriously, like, i will check out as many books as my library card will permit, then i will send DH back to do the same on his card. i've considered also checking out videos, but they can't be renewed online and the check out period is only a week - so i'm worried that we wouldn't get around to returning them in time.


i've also hired an on call babysitter (actually a doula and her 12 year old daughter) to be there for DD during labor. (we don't have family in the area.) doing this took a HUGE load off my back. DD will have a blast playing with the 12 year old. she will love "helping" the midwife, and the babysitters can be there to keep her from "helping" too much. (turn your back on the kid and she will unwrap all the gauze pads and use the umbilical cord clamp on a stuffed animal.) and the babysitter can occupy DD with meals, snacks, play dough, and painting activities.


a magna doodle or some other quiet/contained/non-messy activity may be a good thing to try... this type of toy could also come in handy during your postpartum time when you want him quietly engaged... but this all depends on your kiddo. mine isn't really into coloring, but she loves play dough, painting, and cutting paper with safety scissors. so for her i'm trying to think of crafty things like that that are on the less messy side (and that require less assistance from an adult).


and, as pregnant drummer said, you may labor/birth quietly in the middle of the night, in which case your kiddo could sleep through the whole thing...

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Thank you all! DS is 2.5 yrs and we're planning a home birth. I've talked to my doula about helping out with him and she's OK with that, but I'm actually thinking of having his babysitter on call as well. The only downfall is getter her to my house and she doesn't really drive (she's 18). So we'll see. I'm just nervous because my labor with DS was 27 hours. It started about 8 pm in the evening, then I labored fairly actively all day and he wasn't born until 11 pm the following night. Hopefully this labor won't be as long, but seeing that she's dead set on staying in more of an OP position, I'm just trying to prepare myself. 


Someone at DS's tumbling class suggested getting a present from the baby to DS -- I thought I could combine the activity box with that ideas as well. Maybe make it a little more acceptable for him. 

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I'm having the same issue.  DS just turned 3, and I'd like to have him around for the birth, but DP isn't sure.  I'm planning to put together some activities/grab bags for him.  I'd thought of having my mom come to be in charge of him, but DP would rather have fewer people around, and we'll already have midwives and the doula.

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Babygirl will be 3 or just about when this baby arrives.

We are birthing at home, so she will have all her comforts right there if and when she needs them.

We also have 2 floors, so if she need to get away from the "action" for awhile, she can do that too.

MIL will be here, so if she needs anything, MIL can get it for her and distract her as well.


I am also putting together somee activities for the both of them.

A cake to bake and decorate for baby's birthday.

A birthday banner and decor to hang.

Little brother and Big sister T's to decorate.

Dd loves to take pics, so I will be sure to let her know to take a ton of them for us.

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cbcocoanib, i'm going to steal some of your ideas! baking happy birthday cupcakes, putting up decorations, taking photos, and painting some t shirts might be right up DD's alley!

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I like the taking photos idea, too. My daughter got her own little camera a couple of years ago. It'd be fun to see what comes out. :D

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cbcocoanib, i'm going to steal some of your ideas! baking happy birthday cupcakes, putting up decorations, taking photos, and painting some t shirts might be right up DD's alley!


There was a thread in the main forum and I got many of the ideas from there. I like the idea of having a birthday celebration type atmosphere.


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I like the taking photos idea, too. My daughter got her own little camera a couple of years ago. It'd be fun to see what comes out. :D


Yes, I can't wait to see how her photos come out. She of course get's all kinds of angles you wpould never think of, because she's a little one, but also, I'm curious to see what she chooses to take a picture of during labor and birth.

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