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Valentine's Day

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What is everyone doing for Valentine's Day?

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I'm pretty sure my husband is taking me out for a fancy dinner.  What about you?

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Mine will be gone for work, but I don't really care. Valentine's Day has never been a big thing for us, and I pretty much just want to lay on the couch right now. I do wish he was home in general, because I can't get much of anything done, but at least he isn't deployed like he was supposed to be.

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I usually make heart-shaped pizza crusts and a special dessert and we have a family celebration. At this stage of life we just enjoy sharing the love with the kids. I think I'm too tired to go out and spend money right now anyway. Hope everyone in here feels loved. love.gif

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Mine will be out of town but my two kids will be great company. I hope he sends flowers!

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What's your recipe for pizza crusts? I've tried a few times to make pizza crusts and they always end up really gross. That sounds like a super cute idea.


Well, for a Valentine's day present, I made a scavenger hunt for my husband. (He loves those kinds of things.) We're going out on Friday, though, leaving the kids with my parents overnight.

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Nothing really.  The class I am student teaching in invited my daughter to their Valentine's party and I'm just praying she behaves lol.

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What's your recipe for pizza crusts? I've tried a few times to make pizza crusts and they always end up really gross. That sounds like a super cute idea.

Thanks! Here's my recipe, copied and pasted from an e-mail recently when a friend asked for it:


For our pizza, I heat the oven with a baking stone to 450. (If you don't have a baking stone, maybe use the heaviest baking sheet you have, or if there is room maybe an overturned dutch oven?)

In the mixer knead:
2.5 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup all purpose flour
2 packages (or 4.5 tsp) instant yeast
1 tsp salt
1 TB sugar
1.5 cup warm water from tap

Let it knead kind of a long time (8ish minutes, or until it's really satiny). Then divide it into four or five pieces and roll one out into a crust. Use a fork to spear the crust all over so it doesn't balloon in the oven. Pop the crust into the oven on top of the hot stone (use cornmeal to keep from sticking, if needed) and bake for 2 minutes on each side, or until brown spots are just beginning to appear. When it comes out of the oven cover it with a clean towel so it doesn't dry out while you're baking the others.

Freeze or set aside until you're ready to make the pizzas. Add toppings according to preference. Heat oven to 450 again, but without baking stone in oven. Bake pizzas on a cookie sheet for 8 minutes or until cheese is starting to brown. If you like crackery, crispy crusts bake them directly on the oven rack instead.

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Not a lot happening this evening, I'm in bed watching a documentary and having chicken noodle soup. 

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I went to Mark&Spencer yesterday, which is the upscale British supermarket here (think Whole Foods mixed with a Neiman Marcus cafe: it is also where Bridget Jones went to shop in the book). They had a Valentine's deal in which you get: a starter, a side, a main, a bottle of champagne, a box of chocolates, and a dessert for 20 pounds ($32). I feel incredibly posh now, what with Thai fishcake and aged British peppercorn steak, raspberry terra-cotta and basil Mediterranean veg waiting for me in the fridge. And we broke into the chocolates this morning: the milk has a caramel filling, the dark a milk chocolate truffle, and the white a dark chocolate mousse! Impressed. Will only be able to have a sip of champagne, but then again, last pregnancy I found out about DS the day after a grading binge fueled by a pitcher of Bloody Marys, and he is not the worse for it. 


In any case, I'm happy to be able to stay home, and actually refused to go in to the library today altogether. I told myself that I would read articles in bed. But instead I am posting on MDC. Happy Valentine's!

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I've been super emotional and tired lately, so DW brought home some take-out from one of our favorite restaurants and now we're just relaxing at home. Our ten-year anniversary was last week so we celebrated with a night out for that, but Valentine's hasn't really been a big thing for us. 

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