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Going away on work-related travel

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Hello Mamas,

I'll be away from my 17-month old DS for 3 days and 2 nights, traveling for work. Unfortunately, the travel cannot be avoided. DS BFs about 3 times a day (before I leave for work, after I come back. I'm typically gone between 9 AM-5PM) and who knows how many times at night!

I used to pump at work untill DS turned a year old at which point he started to refuse the bottle. We haven't gone back to the bottle since then. Couple of topics which I could use your thoughts on:
1. I have a huge freezer stash. I tried giving him some BM in a open cup, straw cup and bottle. He refused all three (he drinks water from an open cup and straw cup fine, never used a sippy). Any other ways I could try? He has also refused cow milk from all 3. His solid intake varies wildly from one day to the next, so I'm concerned how he is going to go without milk for 3 days.

2. We never switched from his old newborn slow-flow bottle till we completely got rid of them at 1 year. Could that be the reason he started refusing the bottle then (and now)?

3. His grandmother (my MIL) watches him when I'm at work. He naps with her. However, he has never slept at night without BFing first. DH is very worried how he is going to fall asleep without me. Any ideas?


Finally, is it possible that he could wean if he didn't take in any BM for that amount of time?

I plan to pump thrice in a 24-hour period when I'm gone.


Thanks for your help!

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1. What about mixing BM in something, like cereal, and getting some in him that way?

2. Could be or could be that he just was sick of the bottle in general, my DD never really liked bottles much though she would take them. She definitely had a strong preference for getting it straight from the breast! He may just taste/see BM and think, if I refuse I'll get it the way I want. He knows water only comes in a cup.

3. How much time before your trip? Could you trial run DH putting him to bed, you will want to be out of the room and maybe out of the house too (some babies can tell if you are still around) but close by. It could be really hard or it could be fine, I was dreading weaning DD as she fell asleep at the breast for sleep 99% of the time, but it ended up being no big deal for her, but it isn't always the case! Can MIL help with nighttime if it is really hard for him since he does go to sleep for her for naps?

I think it is possible he could wean, but likely he won't especially if you go back to BF when you get back. Glad you are planning to pump, definitely will need to for comfort if nothing else! I hope your trip goes well smile.gif
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I think that he will eat what he needs on the days that you're not there. It's good that you'll have the milk available, but getting it into him is up to him.


Not taking breastmilk while you're away isn't going to cause him to wean. Breastfeeding is something that the two of you do together. It's less about the milk than it is about mom. Sure, it's possible that he could wean from getting out of the routine, but I bet he'll be ready to nurse once you get back.

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I left my then 18-month old for 10 days once, he was fine. If he eats at least sometimes I imagine he'll be fine with just food. I'd be more worried about the night time honestly. DH has never put him to bed? If you have time I might work on that before you go, but if you've only got a week or so I think it'd more likely stress you out if it hasn't happened by then.

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