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Congratulations! What a precious little guy! Welcome, baby boy. blowkiss.gif

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Congrats!!  He's so beautiful!!

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He is so beautiful. Congratulations!

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He's so lovely!!  Congrats!

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What a perfect boy <3

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What a cutie!  Congratulations

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My water broke around 11am.  Called my partner Erik to let him know, he was out feeding the cows.  I wasn't sure if it was pee because it dripped out slowly for a while, I used a ph strip to tell.  He came right home and contractions started around 12:30.  They would vary between 1-5 minutes apart last 2-3 minutes.  Just about every contraction I would drip amniotic fluid, or pee, or both.  

It was a very wet labor, lots of fluids!!  I soaked through several towels.  I've never experienced that before.  I experienced no pain during the contractions but sometimes they would feel ecstatic and I thought maybe I wasn't very far along because of this so I was taking it easy.  I was considering having an unassisted birth at this point because I've had several before, but suddenly I got this fear of tearing.

Around 4pm the older ones got back from school and labor seemed to slow down a bit and we were all laughing and the girls were staring at me. so I asked them all the leave the room.  At 4:30 I started feeling pressure and told my oldest daughter to call our midwife (who lives next door)  she arrived at 4:45 (I think) and had me pant through the pushing to ease him out as slowly as possible.  This was the only birth I was screaming during, it was so hard not to push and it HURT at this point, with his head in the canal with no moulding.  5:03 he was completely out,  We're still not sure how much he weighs.  

I have a second degree tear despite our efforts.  The tear is straight along the episiotomy scar from my first birth and the same tear I get with all my births.  I'm getting stitched up in about an hour.  My midwife is not really practicing right now, except for me, and the lidocaine we ordered almost 2 weeks ago (with second day air) still has not arrived so luckily a naturopath is selling me a vial.  


A story on my placenta (Warning: talks about eating raw meat and placenta)


Originally my intention was to eat some right after the birth and freeze the rest for smoothies.  I live on solar power and only have a refrigerator at the moment, as well as most of my neighbors. I thought my one neighbor who has a freezer would let me store in his but he's not using his right now.  So instead what I did was made a dish with it and I'm eating it over the next three to four days.  It is soooo GOOD! and I highly recommend it to everyone..I don't have much time type more because the baby is wanting to nurse a lot right now. But here is the recipe I used


cut up placenta in small peices

mix with sundried tomatoes that I powder in a vitamix (or blender or food processor)

fresh coconut cream (made from older hard meat coconuts run through a greenstar juicer)

diced onions

about a pound of fresh raw organic local grass fed beef



Yes I eat raw meat as well as the placenta raw,

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I want to clarify about eating the placenta and why I think it's good.  My bleeding and afterpains have been minimal and I feel really good right now.

I've watched my cows and goats go crazy on their placenta after giving birth and not even pay attention to their babies until they devoured it completely.  

So I just let go of preconditioned grossness that I was thinking of and I ate about three small pieces right away, and I loved it.  My midwife made me the dish.  I'm sure there is a cooked version for anyone not ready for the raw or maybe eat the placenta raw and cook the meat.  I think raw is better but to each their own.


And I made the hat so thanks for the compliments.  We are really blessed and blissed right now~

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thanks for sharing, what a great story!  congrats, he is adorable and now you've got me thinking about the placenta in my fridge.. we haven't gotten around to figuring out what to do with it..

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