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Weight gain early on - how important is it?

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Hello, everyone!


I am 23w6d with two girls, and was just recently given Dr. Luke's book on multiple pregnancy. In it I read that I should have been concentrating on gaining weight early on, which kind of freaked me out. I have only gained 16 lb. so far, and was actually pacing myself not to gain more, since that's what your typical weight gaining charts will tell you to do. I am currently at the bottom of the optimal range based on BabyCenter's chart. The OB hasn't said anything about my weight, and I have been making sure to drink lots of fluids. 


So how important is it to gain the weight early on in your pregnancy with multiples? Should I just relax and eat when I'm hungry? Or should I kick it into high gear with eating?


Thanks for the advice!

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This is just my situation but I didn't gain any weight until around 20 weeks. I wasn't overweight to start with and I was nursing my toddler during pregnancy. My twins were in the 7 lbs when born. I did end up gaining around 60 lbs overall but it was all after the 20 week mark. Of course, this was just what happened with me but I think you're doing just fine. Oh, and congratulations!!

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Absolutely don't pace yourself not to gain. Typical weight gain is for singleton pregnancy. With multiples, there are three issues: 1) you don't want the babies competing for nutrition 2) it may be hard to eat later 3) you want big babies early as you may not go full term.


No need to worry, but definitely don't try to stop gaining. Lots of protein and lots of water (as you're doing), and bring it up with your doctor if you're concerned.

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Almost all my gain was 2nd trimester.  I hardly gained anything in the third trimester.  At one point, I got sick and actually lost weight for a couple weeks.  It just gets so hard to eat enough towards the end, so be sure you do everything you can to put the weight on while you can.  Protein shakes are your friend. :)

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Yeah, I think you are doing fine, but definitely don't restrict as it will be hard to eat enough at the end! And you can talk to your doctor, but quite frankly all of mine have been clueless about nutrition/weight gain for multiple pregnancies.
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Despite the fact that my babies grew well, and I retained water, I gained no weight after 23 weeks. Dr. Luke's advice is spot on. As you read that book, you'll note that her goal is full-term, take home sized babies. Women who gain weight as she recommends are more likely to carry to term.


So yes, I'd say gain while you can. You are growing two new people from scratch. You've got brains to build!

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I am 28 weeks 4 days and have gained 37lbs. My doc (who doesn't believe in gaining extra weight with twins...) was mad at me for my weight gain, but I seem to be pretty on-target. AND I have big babies who are in the 93rd and 86th percentile weight-wise, so I'm feeling pretty good about loading up on all sorts of healthy foods and lots of protein. I have noticed my capacity for eating a lot has slowed down, so I'm glad I have gained the weight earlier on.

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Thank you all! I am heading to the store to buy protein for the protein shakes :) I haven't been restricting myself per se, but haven't actively tried to gain weight - so the tip about the shakes is such a good tip! I'm also going for my doctor's appointment tomorrow, and I will definitely bring this issue up. 


Emelee, thanks! :)))

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