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Busy box ideas for Toddler while Mom nurses newborn

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(cross-posted in Toddlers)


I'm looking for ideas for special toys and activities to go into a box/basket that I'll take out for my 2.5 yo (he'll be almost 3 when DD arrives) when the new baby is inevitably attached to the boob frequently and for long periods of time. 


I've accepted the fact that DS will probably end up watching a bit more TV than the 1/2 hour to an hour he watches every couple of days and I've made provisions for that (we don't do actual TV because of the commercials, so I'm just buying/downloading a few select shows that I find acceptable). 



Anyway, if there was anything that your toddler enjoyed while you were nursing your babe that was a special treat for nursing time, I'd love to hear about it!


Thanks as always. winky.gif

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If you get a little bowl of O cereal and a piece of dry spaghetti, they sometimes have great fun threading the Os on the spaghetti. That isn't something to keep in a box but it is something that kept both of mine quiet for longer than you might think.

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If you Google for "toddler busy bags", "toddler activity bags" or "toddler travel bags" you'll find a lot of really great ideas!!  You don't need to put them in bags, but the ideas might be helpful.

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DD is 3 and DS is 4 weeks. Not that I'm an expert at managing two kids - LOL - but this is what is working for us...


Google for montessori activities. She likes to sort objects, polish silverware, fold kitchen towels, and use an eye dropper and cups for sort of a mini water table experience.





Also, books. We have a collection of magazines (Ranger Rick, Jr., Baby Bug) that I have set aside to pull out especially for car trips and when I need her to occupy herself.


TV has actually taught her some things and piqued her interest in dinosaurs, fossils and tracking (she likes Dinosaur Train, which we watch on Netflix). I also like the videos on this site if you just need a couple of minutes: 


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