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What will your children be doing while you are in labor this time around?

This is a good one... something I need to nail down more concretely.  In my mind, I picture myself laboring at night and giving birth in the early morning... if that's the case, I'll probably just let them sleep in their own beds at home.  If I'm in labor during the day, I will definitely need them to leave the house, lol!  I use hypnobabies for labor, and it requires a lot of internal concentration... when in labor with DD, my DS was climbing on me and very clingy-- that was BAD. haha.  I promptly sent him off to my parents' house.  I asked my mom to watch the kids for me when in labor and she kind of halfheartedly agreed to it (like "yeah, we'll try to be available").  My mom works full time and is in grad school and therefore has a very full schedule.  She is an awesome grandma, but isn't always available to babysit... so they'll go to my mom and dad's if they are available (I'm hoping they will be!!!) but my awesome sister in law also agreed to watch them for me if need be.