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Pregnancy Journaling

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Anyone keep a separate journal about their pregnancy? I've been eyeing Sacred Pregnancy for this... I've always kept a journal, but I thought it might be nice to have one dedicated to the pregnancy for posterity (and if there's a loss, to feel like I have something to hold onto for this pregnancy).

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:-) I always keep a journal throughout my pregnancies. Is just so lovely to look back on the memories of the special times, I add photos along the way, even unflattering ones taken by my son the morning i was in labour with his brother. But they're so precious. 

I just buy an unruled journal and write every few days :-)

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DW has journaled almost as long as she could write, just in those basic black and white composition notebooks. I've tried a few times but it just isn't a good fit for me. I was so happy at the beginning of our ttc journey that she agreed to keep our pregnancy journal. I think she's keeping it a bit of a surprise right now but I can't wait to see what she has written... so special to me.
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I started a journal with my first pregnancy (a loss) and have kept it up since then. It is just a regular paper journal, no prompted questions or anything, which tend to irritate me though I'm sure some find it useful. Sometimes it's a pain to take the time to write, but I'm always grateful when I am able to read back, so I keep it up. 

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I'm reading Creating a Joyful Birth Experience it has journaling exercises to get in touch with your body and the baby. My midwife told me its required reading for all her clients. I like it so far, i feel like journaling will be what saves me and my DH this pregnancy, all the hormones running through my body make it really hard for me to express myself to myself and to anyone at all!

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