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Announcement ideas

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Here are some cute ideas for announcing pregnancy, gender and name picks! Have fun. smile.gif

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I told my mom really early last time, as early as we knew. And her response? "Are you still in your slippers and robe?" In other words, she imagined me calling her as soon as the moment we finished with the "conjugal act." Her meaning was basically "you've told me way too soon," but what I thought was hilarious was 1. that she seemed to have no understanding of the 2WW and 2. that she associated sex with a pink marabou slippers and silk robe set, as seen in 1940s movies. Come to think of it, though, that is quite the glamorous thought. Mom! Who knew?


In any case, DH, DS and I will be traveling to the States for my brother's wedding when I'm 16 weeks. I may just wait til we come walking down the gate, and remind her of her comment when she looks at me with an indignant expression.

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Aloya, that's pretty funny. With my first pregnancy, I was still in college, unmarried, and it was totally unplanned. I told my mom but I wouldn't let her tell any of the extended family. The way I announced it was by showing up 6 months pregnant to A. a family reunion (dad's side) and B. Thanksgiving (mom's side). My poor parents. Oh, and my boyfriend was too chicken and/or selfish to come with me to either event. Good thing he's matured or no way I'd have kept him around this long. 

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This is how we are announcing this new little one.  We are going to wait till after we see the midwife which will be between 10 & 12 weeks.  




We announced our 1st at Christmas.  Gave MIL a card and told her that her "gift" would be arriving in 31 weeks.  


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That's a great shirt! 

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I am thinking mass email.
I'm chicken.
This was not planned.
I was planning a hysterectomy and a trip.
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lol Shiloh

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I called my mom and dad (but got my stepmom) and told them. They said they support me, but hope I will chose to "stop the bus". I know its not planned, not a great situation. But sigh.
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Sorry to hear that. That's not a very nice thing to suggest. 

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Putting the F in family wink1.gif
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I was going to share a picture of my announcement but it says I don't have permission.  I don't get it.  Also, I'm unable to make a signature as well.  Could this all be because I'm so new?

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Maybe ... are you using the insert image icon above the text input box? If you over them it will tell you which one it is. 

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Yup, that's what I'm doing.  Hmmmm....

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This was mine :)

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Cool! You finally got it to work. awesome

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