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Yeast Infection S.O.S.

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Well, hell. I went in for my weekly midwife appointment this morning and lo and behold, not only am I starting to dilate (just 1 cm) but I've got the beginnings of a yeast infection. Looking back over the past couple of days I should have seen it coming, but it's been over a decade since my last one and, frankly, I think I was in denial. I bought some mega probiotics and am eating lots of plain yogurt, too, for good measure...but if anyone has other recommendations I'd be most grateful!

Thanks, mamas!

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Ugh, I had a nasty one the week before my birth and ended up resorting to monistat 3 day suppositories.  NONE of the natural stuff I did brought any lasting relief.

the most helpful seemed to be rinsing with dilute acv.  It'll burn if you're raw but it kept some of the itch down.

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Originally Posted by odinsmama View Post


the most helpful seemed to be rinsing with dilute acv. 


Thanks, odinsmama. Did you do the dilute acv internally or just externally?

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1. Never wear pantiliners.

2. Cotton Underwear

3. For instant relief I would use plain yoghurt full of probitoics, yes I would literally put it up there, it was slimy and difficult but felt sooo good.


I was PLAGUED with infection after infection last pregnancy until I did these things.  I'm sure there are many other natural treatments as well.

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I just put it in a peri bottle and rinsed externally after each trip to the toilet.


things I also tried that didn't work for me this time, but has in the past:

internally- garlic, probiotics, coconut oil, gentian violet, tiny bit of dilute tea tree oil.

externally- dilute tea tree, coconut oil, acv, calendula infused olive oil.


something would seem to help for a day and then the next day I'd wake up with horrendous itching.  I finally gave up after about a week and sent DH for the OTC stuff.  I could feel that much of my skin was weak and raw and I did NOT want to labor like that. 


Good luck mama!

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Thanks for the advice, mamas. I wound up getting some homeopathic yeast guard suppositories, which seem to be doing the trick. The box clearly says "Do Not Use if Pregnant," (probably because of the tea tree oil?) but my midwife is totally comfortable with them so I am, too. What's the worst they could do right now...get labor going? Crossing my fingers!

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