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Wanted: Chicken Pox

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I have a 5 year old son who needs to get chicken pox along with multiple friends' children.  I am willing to travel anywhere in Vermont, New Hampshire, and part of Maine.  Please let me know!

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Spring is the season for chicken pox!  I was able to expose my two boys several years ago during April by meeting up with folks posting to this forum.  It worked like a charm, they both got mild, but good enough to be diagnosed, cases.  I found a harmonica was perfect for sharing, because the virus is transmitted primarily through the breath.  And since the harmonica is played both by blowing and sucking, it's perfect!


I've now got a daughter who is old enough for pox, so I'd like to find a case too.  Willing to travel.

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I'd love to expose my sons to chicken pox and am also willing to travel. :-) 

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Hopefully we find someone this Spring then!

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We are currently having a small epidemic of chickenpox here in Bar Harbor, Maine.  The incubation period is sooo long, something btw. 7-21 days. My 3 year old has definitely been exposed - a kiss on the lips for her dear friend Griffin, who woke up yesterday with his rash!  I am just waiting now for the symptoms to start.  I am not sure how far you wish to drive but I would be more than happy to let you visit once Rose starts to show her rash.  I miss the days of Pox Parties! The daycare, where it started, isn't able to share who has the disease, so my friends and I have just been waiting for one of ours to show signs! Finally!! Will keep you posted. We SO did not want to vaccine but I was beginning to worry if it was still out there!

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Dear Mommyhearn,

Thank you so much for writing!  We are in Franconia NH, but Bar Harbor would not be out of the question.  Thanks for keeping us posted!  Hope your little one gets a good case and hence good immunity the natural way!

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Yes, Thank you for posting Mommyhearn.  Bar Harbor is about 5 hours from our relatives who live in Milford, NH.  And Milford is 3 1/2 hours from us, but I am still debating the idea!!  I really want him to get the chicken pox and be done with it.  JosieWhales, if you decide to go to Bar Harbor, then perhaps I could come to Franconia?  It would be a more manageable trip.  I hope you both keep us posted!  So, do they have to have the rash to be contagious?

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You are certainly welcome here windydawnm!  It's much closer.  Mommyhearn...what was the date of your little one's exposure?

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Sorry for the delay, ladies! Rose was exposed on April 6th and I called the doctor's office just to get a heads up on what to look for and expect.  The nurse told me that the average arrival after exposure is 10 days. Rose has shown no signs so I am crossing my fingers for next week.  Sounds so strange to be crossing my fingers for my Peanut to get sick, but I soooo don't want to use the vaccine. Our friend's child had a very mild case, almost all gone by tomorrow but I checked in my baby book and I had it for about 6 days as well.  The only thing I am concerned about is that our family has a prior engagement in Portland on Monday with an overnight stay planned and we cannot reschedule on a hunch so am hoping that she doesn't pull the average! :) I have always felt that she is so not average but don't we all! :) Please let me know if anyone wishes to come this far.  Best of luck to all!

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I am interested in getting an exposure. We actually live just north of Portland. We have been desperately searching  - hoping I don't have to worry about the immunization issue when my son starts kindergarten next year.



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Mommyhearn,  I sent you a PM.  Just wanted to make sure you saw it.  --JosieWhales

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I am looking for Chickenpox too!  I am in NY.

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For those whose children are approaching kindergarten.  Look into your state's laws regarding immunizations.  Here in NH, and I think in VT too, there are laws that protect a parent's right to not choose to vaccinate their child.  Of course, most schools don't divulge this information.  Most just say that you need to have the immunizations.  All I had to do was write a letter to the principal of the school claiming that I had religious and philosophical reasons not to vaccinate.  I think I had to have it notarized, but that was it.  A year or so later, when my son finally got the chicken pox, I delivered a copy of the diagnosis from his doctor to the school nurse, so that in case any students at the school ever did get chicken pox, he didn't have to miss school.  Good luck to all of you, and don't let personnel at the public schools, or private for that matter, intimidate you.  You're your child's parent!

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I'm still looking too.  Did anyone in NH get exposed finally?  My kids have been forced to stay home for two weeks because there was a vaxed kid who got it and apparently they found out after he went to school with it and are concerned my children will lead the epidemic.


Anyway, I figured since they are home anyway it would be a great time to get them exposed.  Please let me know.  I'm in NE PA and would gladly open my home or drive.  

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In Maine, I filled out a letter stating that we knew that he had not recieved the vaccine and that we planned on him not getting it. They informed me that if there was an outbreak he would have to miss two weeks from the last case and it did happen to us. He had to stay home two weeks before xmas with no chicken pox because a bunch of vaxed kids were passing it around. So even though you have the choice not to vax be prepared for this stipulation.

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Thank you.  It is nice to know I'm not the only one.  


Dr. Mercola just circulated an article today about a kid who was medically exempt and told they couldn't attend school at all, so in that regard, I'm very happy that I can still send them to school.


Anyway, I stand by my decision but I just hope that they can get it natrually did your kids?

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Nope, he had a suspicious rash, but it never turned into a pox rash. He does have a diagnosis and it is marked on his shot record that he had the live virus, but I don't know that this will make him exempt from the silly no school for two weeks stuff in the event of a new outbreak.

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Interesting.  I would say that you should be able to argue it, but it all depends on how far you want to take it.  I didn't want to completely ostracize my kids because I felt they need the nurse to liket hem.  She is kind of important and our discussion appeared to get a bit contentious as she told me I should reconsider because they could die.


Anyway, to each his own.  If this continues to happen I may fight a bit harder, but for now they are only in pre-k and k and those grades are not required in my state.

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Hi Mommas, 

I am in central/southern Mass with my two who I have been exposing for a couple of years with no results!  Blood work shows no exposure also.  Anyone willing to help us out?  I have an 8 year old and a 5 year old and would love to travel, meet some new friends and get this behind us!! Any help would be so appreciated.

thanks, cara

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If I can catch it for my four, I'll definitely give you an e-mail.  I have the word out to friends in Albany, NY and my husband opened a facebook account just to join one of the pox parties groups.  If we get it, I promise, I will post right away.


This is horrible.  Can you imagine that we have to hunt down a disease because the world is so uninformed?  I can't believe this.  Never in my youth would I imagine doing this as a Mommy!


Keep in mind too, they can also get it from an adult who has shingles!

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