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How do you find a pox party on FaceBook?  I had looked there but couldn't find any.

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Mommyhearn, no chicken pox then?!  It sound like everyone on this thread are all within traveling distance to pass it along, so surely ONE of us will find it.  Please do post if you get it!!! 


In VT, we still have philosophical exemptions, which they are trying to take away but haven't succeeded.  BTW, it makes a poor case for vaccination when the vaccinated kids are the ones getting it, and had to be exposed to all of those toxins in the vaccine to boot.

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I agree.  My son had a fever the other night out of the blue, a mild headache but no pox yet.  I'm now worried because he also had a tick on him two weeks ago so now I'm really praying for the Pox.


I will definitely inform you guys if any of mine come down with CP!

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Hi all, a couple families in Farmington, ME are interested in getting exposed to chicken pox.  Anyone in Maine know of anyone? Thanks!


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Possible Concord nh case! My niece has spots! About to expose my kids smile.gif
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If your kids get it, I'd love the opportunity to expose mine! :-) Good luck!

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please let me know what happens! thanks

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Me too!  Count me in.  I love New Hampshire and could use an excuse for a road trip!

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We'll keep our fingers crossed for you RaelynsMama!  We're only an hour from Concord.  Please keep us posted.

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Hi.. haven't been in forums for a while.. central MA mama looking for pox...DDs 8.5 and 6.5... thanks!

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Also looking here in Southern Maine!

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My nephew has the pox:) We are going over to expose our four today in Maine.

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We are in Yarmouth and looking to expose!

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Still looking for Chicken Pox here too.  Pllllllllease keep me in the loop if you find anything, and I will do the same. 




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Still looking for Chicken Pox here too.  Pllllllllease keep me in the loop if you find anything, and I will do the same. 




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We're in NH and still looking to expose 3 of our kiddos. A friend found them on here years ago and exposed her son, and my oldest got them from him. It shouldn't be this hard to find lol

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Having a very touch time finding Chicken Pox, but am determined to find help.  I honestly thought it wouldn't be this hard, but it is.  With so many children coming down with secondary Chicken Pox after already being vaccinated, and with children now coming down with Shingles after being vaccinated, I am even more determined to have a natural immunity for our child.  If anyone out there can help us with Chicken Pox, we are willing to travel to any location for our cause.  We have until September before we will be given no alternative from school.  Can anyone help???????

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There is no exemption? We filled out the letter saying that we understood it was a required vax and were opting out. We ended up with a kiddo home for two weeks, but still have not done the vax.


My nephew is a vaxed kiddo who has it. He got this strain from daycare. So here we are hoping it worked. We have been given lots of info and some of it, says that it may not happen because he is vaxed. I have you all in mind if it works. We babysit nephew and have had contact with him on several occasions even before knowing it was pox.


As of now baby has spots that haven't "erupted" all over her trunk, face, and legs. She is un vaxed.

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Thanks 3times!


Keep us posted...whereabouts do you live?  I'm in central Mass and willing to drive to you!

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I am in Maine.

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