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This is exciting. Keep me posted as well if you don't mind some extra kids.  At this point I would be willing to travel as well, despite being in NE PA.


Thank you for sharing!

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Hi, did your children get it?  I am in VT and have family in NH! 

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Apparently I need to keep a closer eye on this thread! I missed a good opportunity!


Anyone in Maine or NH with the pox lately? Willing to travel and we'll bring food!

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Have 2 weeks before we are forced to get the Chicken Pox Vaccine.  If anyone out there anywhere can help us, we are willing to travel, will meet at any location of your choosing, and will be grateful above and beyond.  Can anyone help us with Chicken Pox?????????



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Even though it's not the spring, still hoping to find Chicken Pox.  This is a much tougher homework assignment than I thought it would be.  If anyone out there can help in any location, we will bring the snacks, food, toys, anything needed for a playdate at any location of our choice.  If nothing else, it would be fun to get kids together for the cause.  Pllllllllease let me know if anyone can help.

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We may have chicken pox in Vermont!!!  A mom friend has shingles and we are having the kid's touch her rash each day.  Too bad the incubation period is so variable....7-21 days if I remember correctly.  I will keep you all posted!

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I am literally on the edge of my seat, you have no idea how hard I've been searching for help.  Let me know either way if you are successful.  Don't want to raise up my hopes, but I can't thank you enough for posting.  I wonder if the incubation period is the same if it's coming from someone with shingles instead of someone with the children pox?   Whatever it is, I'll can't wait to hear back.

Thanks again!

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Thank you windydawnmom!!

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In addition to touching the rash, have the kiddos share a harmonica with her.  Have her breathe into it and have them use it by sucking in. 

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girls, first have a look at some photos of chicken pox :kid

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Haven't been on the site this week but looked today and see Chicken Pox, which we have been searching high and low for!!! We are in the northeast too, can you share them with our child??? Name the place and time, we are happy to bring drinks, snacks and harmonicas. Can you help us?

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So family friends have a confirmed case of chicken pox!  He and our son played together today.  The boy who has them also has a sister that should be coming down with them.  For those that want to travel, we live in South Hero, VT.  We would be happy to share our chicken pox!  Windy

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Mama J, I just wanted to reply here in case you didn't see my reply on the thread.  We have chicken pox!  We are in South Hero, VT.  Would you like to travel here?

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I can't believe the timing.  We have a vacation to disney planned in 22 days.  So, if we were lucky enough to get the Pox after travling to you windydawn, that would mean the kids might break out just in time for vacation.  


If someone travels and gets it, please let us all know because I may have to wait for the next batch of pox from this incubation.  Thank you so much windydawn for sharing!  At least we have renewed hope of contagiousness!

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We would love them!  We are in Middlesex and my two littlest need them.  I will PM you also.  Hoping it's not too late.

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Thanks to Windy, we exposed our two little ones today....and got to meet her and her cute little guy!  With any luck, we'll get at least one case in about 15 days.

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Please keep me posted. We are back from vacation and ready for the pox!  A neighbor of mine also had shingles, a week or so before we left. Prior to that I hadn't heard a word of CP.  Funny how life works.  Anyway, we would be willing to travel as we have to get my little guys exposed soon!


Thank you for the updates.

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Keep us posted!

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4Babes, where are you located?

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FYI - I had to work hard to have my girls actually contract chicken pox at ages 7 and 12.  They had been exposed in a play-date-casual way before.  I told myself that I would give my older DD the vaccine if she didn't get the pox by the time she was 13.  Luckily, I heard of a case in our town.  We didn't go with a casual play date this time.  We gave 2 t shirts to the family for their kid to sleep in a wear throughout the day.  Each of the girls wore their tshirt for 3 nights.  Plus, we had the girls drink from a straw that the contagious kid had used.  I had a moment of going "wow, this is extreme", but it worked.  The younger DD came down with the pox, and then 2 weeks later the older one came down with it.  I guess she needed an extreme in-house-sibling exposure.  I was the same way . . . didn't get them until my younger siblings had 'em.


I love the harmonica idea.


Also, my understanding is that people are most contagious 2 days before the spots appear and before all the spots crust over.  This can happen very quickly.  Good luck!!

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