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Autumn Lou Birth Story

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I think I wrote most of it in my birth announcment but here is a more thorough version:


On Friday I did my usual: went for a clinic shift at school and then Grand Rounds: no labor signs of any kind all day besides my usual crampy BH every now and then.  I went into my naturopathic doctor and midwife for some acupunture around 1.  I got home around 2 and went to take a nap.  DH came home from work early and we ended up DTD.  This always brings on some crampy contractions so I didn't pay much attention.  We had planned on going to the store for a few things but I said I would like to stay home since the cramping was sort of distracting.  I got up to pee a few minutes after DH left, around 5:00 pm, to get DD from pre-school and my water broke.  This was followed by one HUGE contraction that seemed to last FOREVER.  DH walked in the door as I was in the middle.  I knew I had to get in the water right away.  DH helped me into a bath and contractions were coming right on top of eachother. I asked him to call the midwife and assistant because these contractions were not stopping and I was already feeling a lot of pressure and having difficulty breathing and trying to let go.  The midwifery assistant and good friend of mine arrived first and began setting up her camera because I had asked her to take pictures.  By the time the midwife got there (probably 5:30ish) I was screaming through most of the contractions.  At some point we called a friend to come help with DD1 because she kept asking me questions and I was worried my screaming was scaring her (it wasn't).  It was happening so fast I had a really hard time integrating what was going on. The contractions were way more intense than I remembered with DD1.  I asked the MW to check me as I was not sure I could keep going this way with these crazy contractions if I wasn't progressing.  I was 8 cm.  Within another 3-4 contractions I felt the urge to push.  I never really had a strong urge the first time.  I had planned a waterbirth but didn't have my tub set up because I figured I would have time during labor, turns out we didn't have the pump to blow it up so we had to call the tub rental woman to come help with that- I knew I probably wasnt going to have time to give birth in the tub at this point but didn't really have enough time to voice this.  The MW was concerned that my tub was too shallow to deliver. I had to try so hard to fight it but would usually end up pushing towards the end of the contraction.  My MW directed me to keep my hips under water so baby would be born in enough water: not a comfortable position but nothing really was.  Within a few more contractions I was crowning and felt the ring of fire soooooo intensely, again something I didnt have the first time around.  Her head came but not her body so I had to get out of the tub and the MW had to go in to release her shoulder, luckily it only took 40 seconds and she was just fine.  Her APGARS were 7/8 so it took her a little bit to get going but she wasn't in grave danger.  She was born at 6:27 pm in just under 1 and half hours. I would say her birth happened so fast I was in shock for a few days.  I stayed up all night the first night processing it and am still thinking about some things today.  I know a short labor sounds nice but I preferred my longer one which gave me time to wrap my head around the contractions and birth a little bit more gracefully.  I am glad that I didn't have to deal with that intensity for long.   One last note for mamas concerned about positioning: she was ROT when I went in for acupncture at 1 pm and was born LOA.  Her weight was also a bit of a shock as both my MW and me thought she was in the 7-7.5 range and she was 9lbs 2 oz.  Of course, she is worth every ounce of pain and I am enjoying her snuggles so much. . 

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Thanks for sharing your story!!  Autumn is beautiful and I think she looks a lot like my Isla, actually! orngbiggrin.gif


My labour left me in shock for days with my first and I think it contributed to my extended "baby blues".  My active labour was 4 hours which is rare for first time moms (and I essentially only had active labour) and 2 hours of that was pushing (not uncommon for first time moms).  I thought something was terribly wrong because I was expecting the text book early labour to happen.  It's true, when it happens too fast you sort of feel like you can never get ahead of it.


I actually had another fast labour this time.  Just under 2 hours total and only active labour (unless I was having early labour in my sleep!).  This time I felt so calm and in control though.  Maybe because I had a previous speedy experience.  My midwife told me afterwards that while I was on the phone with her I seemed so calm and unsure if I was in labour and meanwhile she had jumped out of bed and was getting dressed as soon as I paged!

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Thank you for your story! I think I would feel similarly about a super fast birth. Enjoy your sweet girl.

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Aww, she's beautiful!

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Wow, mama, your little girl was ready to meet you. Glad you have her to hold. She's beautiful! Please allow yourself to continue processing as much as you need after that whirlwind. <3

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