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used baby/ mama gear

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Im wanting to get one of those slanted nursing stools. I can get a new one, but wanted to look into buying used.

I tried craigslist, but there are none for sale at this time.

Does anyone know of any other places to look for used baby and mama gear?


I can contribute if anyone is looking for used cloth diapers and covers.

i got some really nice wool covers from mamas at this site.



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If there are parenting groups in your area, I would start there.  We have a local AP group on yahoo and I have been able to get tons of diapers and wraps for very little...I'm sure that if you aren't having luck on craigslist, a group like that will have members who are itching to get rid of things! I've also been able to get a bunch of good toys, books, maternity clothes, etc.  I think there's a lot of people out there who don't want to bother with craiglist, but if you post a "want ad" so to speak with the group, they will be more likely and happy to purge their stuff. 

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Facebook... We have a ton of local and fairly local 'swap and shops' groups that can be found by searching. Usually one for general baby gear and one for cloth diapers. Cheap since no consignment costs and they usually are fairly informative about what is going on for young families locally. 

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