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Will oral antibiotics ruin my diapers?

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My son has a lung infection and needs to be on azythromycin for 5 days.  Should I switch him to disposables? Will his medicine poops ruin his diapers?



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I don't know any reason they would cause problems. We've never had any issues. However if he develops yeast that could be. Adding some tea tree oil to the wash can help.

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We have not had problems mixing cloth and abx.
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We've never used abx, but when i've given the kids liquid ibuprofin in the past it does give them diarrhea, I imagine the abx would be worse bc of what they do to the gut flora, but, I've just washed them like usual and it call comes out.  So my guess would be no it wouldnt ruin them :)  Might stain them for a few washes, but my stains always come out after a few washes!  HTH :)

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It will not ruin your diapers. If baby gets nasty diarrhea which is hard to get the funk out you may want to use sposies for a few days. Trust me. My son got some NASTY Diarrhea and I spent a lot of time washing re washing, bleaching and sunning the diapers. I bought a small bag of sposies that saved me time from washing and washing and washing and washing. Usually antibiotics dont bother my son too much. Probiotics help.

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The poop itself won't, but I worked insane hours and my ex was useless and I often didn't get around to diaper wash for 3-4 days at a time. I'll warn you now...ABX poop *will* mold and the mold will eat away at hemp or cotton diapers and inserts.

I ruined a few diapers that way accidentally. Funny enough the pul pocket diapers are fine.


I was not only working insane hours and had NO help around the house with anything (I did all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, diapers, breastfeeding..lol, lawncare, car care, bills, etc) but the office I was in at the time my older son was in diapers was making me sick. I kept getting sinus infections. I'd be sick for a few weeks, then just as I was feeling better i'd get sick again. I never would be 100%.


It got to the point where I kept a pack of disposable diapers around because my son (both actually) would get ear infections in winter so I'd do sposies for a few days while on the abx.


So, lesson learned. Wash em out quick (actually, even urine soaked diapers will mold btw) or you run a risk.

For me the workload in general was too much, so while I felt guilt over it....had to do what I had to do!

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