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My history of IUGR put me at high risk?

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Hi ladies, I just found out I am pregnant with our third child. My first child had unexplained IUGR. She was born at 37 weeks at 3 lbs 13 oz and stayed in the nicu for 11 days. My second child was born 16 months later at 6 lbs 1 oz at 39 wks 5 days and went right home with me. This time around I want to get care in a birthing center under a midwife. Would my previous history of IUGR (in the state of idaho) make me be turned away for a specialist? This is something we thought and care greatly about. My children are now 7 and 8 so it has been a while since Ive had a baby in me, making me wonder if this would be like starting all over again? Midwives- would you take me as a patient or refer me out to a specialist?

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Most midwives do a free consult so it would not hurt to go and ask.
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I have my first appointment on the 25th and I didnt want to waste her time haha.


I will for sure explain everything I know about my previous babies, I hope she takes me and is willing to work with me. I am so very excited to have the pregnancy and birth of my dreams!

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I'm not a MW and really am in no position to answer but I think maybe your history of your second two babies may mean you could HB. I would think in your case issues like transfer distance and local climate for transfer would be more important than another birth. Keep us posted...

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My guess is perhaps she would want you to have certain checks with an OB or perinatologist as your pregnancy progresses, and as long as things look good, you'd be good to go. She of course wouldn't be able to say what special care your baby might need if you have this happen again, so I wouldn't be surprised if it did happen, if you would need to transfer care later for the birth.  But if it doesn't, your plans for the birth center could proceed.

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The risk criteria will differ depending on what state you're in and what type of midwife you use.

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I love that the location of the center is 2 blocks from the downtown hospital, so it does make me feel more safe. 


I have my first appointment in a week from tomorrow. Will keep yall updated! :)

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Oh, this is a birth center birth?
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Yes :)

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I think I would be even more confident with a BC's choice about your birth than a HB MW. The reason, is that I do know there can be the occasional "renegade MW" who may have a higher threshold for risk than me/you/the client and there would be that fear in the back of my head that the individual MW's take on risk is different than mine. The risk of an <4# baby would be a bit scary to me in a home setting. I would assume that a BC has many MWs and admins and etc. that collectively make policy regarding risk assessment. If they were comfortable (and after I'd had a chance to ask some questions I would be comfortable birthing there). I also assume they have cultivated a good transfer relationship with the closest hospital. Keep us posted! 

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Just wanted to give you an update. I had my consultation yesterday and she did not feel comfortable taking me, not because of my history with IUGR but because of my abdominal surgeries when I was a child. So we did a lot of thinking and we have decided to go with a regular OB. I feel crushed but a healthy baby is the end result, no matter how we get there. Thanks for the advice!

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