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Originally Posted by thefreckledmama View Post

I'm sorry, but I think it's wildly inappropriate to turn this thread into a discussion/debate over how to manage pregnancy loss.
I agree. I'm very sorry if by sharing my experience i sparked controversy or offended anyone. I would never try to tell someone how to handle such a painful and personal issue, just wanted to offer my experience (which indeed included hemorrhaging followed by months of anemia) because I felt it was appropriate and the info i was given by the OB who treated me (though in layman's terms, hence my quotes) was something I might have found helpful last September when I was going through this same thing.

I'll unsub and leave this alone now. Peace.
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PrairieDawn - I am so sorry for your loss. Hope that you heal quickly and take good care of yourself.


I've been busy and haven't checked in lately but just read all of the responses in this thread. I'm sorry for all of the losses you mamas have suffered, it's so different for every woman. While I agree that this thread should not be turned into a debate or anything like that, I do feel that it is important to share our experiences in the hopes that it will help others, it can also be therapeutic for loss mamas (again, a DDC is probably not the best place to discuss this, but it's here, so I felt the need to comment).


I too suffered a miscarriage last summer, first pregnancy... went in for an 8 week u/s and found that growth had stopped the previous week, no hb, etc.. Diagnosed missed miscarriage. I decided that I wanted to miscarry naturally and did all kinds of research, had a follow up u/s a week later just to confirm no hb as I too read of misdiagnosed miscarriages, etc... Waited almost 4 weeks, nothing... Took a homeopathic remedy to try to help my body do what it's supposed to do and a couple of days later I finally started the 'process'... About a week later I had not passed everything, really wanted to do things as natural as possible but it wasn't working. reluctantly tried misoprostol, that didn't work either. I ended up getting an infection and had to schedule a D&A (dilation & aspiration not a D&C: curettage) and requested an in office procedure because I wanted to be awake. 


Sometimes it's a personal decision and sometimes the decision is made for us.  


Jennyanydots - I appreciate you sharing what happened and your feelings, I'm sorry for your loss. I feel that sharing is important and can be helpful as well as healing to others. I don't feel that your post was inappropriate at all! hug.gif

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I agree with SuzieSmiles, your post wasn't inappropriate; it gave an alternative and very informative view of what can happen and why you can't always trust your body.

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Many thanks for the discussion.  I finally miscarried naturally in my home tonight.   It was a very spiritual experience for me and emotionally I feel a lot of relief.   I just hope I did not retain any tissue.   I am going to the doctor tomorrow to check for that but I heard it can take a few weeks for all tissue to be released from a natural MC.   I have heard of many mamas who do it natural only to need a D&C in the end.   I hope that is not my fate but I believe the worst is over for me now anyway.  What happens, happens.  


I went through so many emotions the past week.  And am still very up and down as my hormones settle.  Some parts have been absolutely wretched, emotionally.  But I believe I will heal and then TTC again. 


I am so sorry for the losses of those in this DDC...but very thankful that this discussion has been engaged, despite its subject matter.  It changed my mind about getting the D&C right away and giving my body a chance to release first.   But everyone is different and it's ok.  I wish PrairieDawn and 100%Mom and the others who have lost their babies so so much love.   My hearts are with you. 


To all the other beautiful mamas... Best wishes for your pregnancies.   

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OtherSoul - thanks for sharing your experience with us, it's good to hear that you were able to get some emotional relief and do it the way you knew was right for you. I hope that you heal quickly and peacefully with no complications (btw - if you're interested and have some proper guidance, there are some herbs that are supposed to help to bring down any retained tissue). May you will be blessed with another little one when you're ready. Much love.hug2.gif

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hug.gif, OtherSoul. I am glad that you are able to have some peace and clarity about the MC. Wishing you good healing and luck in TTC when you are ready.
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My husband and I found out yesterday, via ultrasound, that we won't be having a baby in September.  It was a blighted ovum.  I guess technically I am still pregnant but I have an inevitable miscarriage in my future.  I was so sad when I saw the empty gestational sac on the screen.  But I am feeling surprisingly okay today.  The OB we met with afterwards (our midwife was delivering a baby) was so kind and he gave us great hope for the future.  He also encouraged us to go home and wait for a natural miscarriage for at least two weeks.  I was so thankful he didn't push for a d&c right away.  All pregnancy long I prayed for no blood,  now I'm praying for the bleeding to begin, how strange.  I love what you said about it being a positive thing if our bodies hold on to the pregnancy awhile even when there's no life to support as being a positive thing, that makes sense to me and gives me great comfort.

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I'm sorry for your loss Optimaggie. I'm glad you have comforting thoughts on the experience.

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Optimaggie, I'm sorry for your loss. I had the same feelings about wanting to start bleeding and just get it over with. I miscarriage the 12th.
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