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^*^*^ Spotlight on MaineCoastMama!!! ^*^*^

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MaineCoastMama: If you would like, please take the time to give an introduction about yourself. There are no limits on how long or short.


Members: Please ask any questions that come to mind! Please keep in mind that the spotlighted member has the right to not answer anything she isn't comfortable with.


There are no time limits or end dates to these so ask away for as long as you have questions!


Have fun!

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Wow. I feel like the hugest dork. I guess I can blame it on not being on here on Valentine's Day?:)


Ok, well, we are about to go down to my family for the weekend for my family baby shower. I am dressed and ready to go, and waiting for my husband to return so we can get on the road. He's meeting a tow truck because his Jeep Cherokee wasn't starting at the chiropractor last night. 


About me...I have sort of a dual life, as far as passions and work. I have been a teacher for 9 years now. I spent 4 years teaching in Montessori, but had to transition to public school because my student loans were crushing me. It's still a huge burden, as I'm sure it is for many. I have since Montessori taught Kindergarten for 4 years and am now teaching my first year in 2nd grade. The beautiful thing is I am back with a group I really bonded with in kindergarten, and I hear there's a chance I can loop up to 3rd grade with them one more time next year!


My other passion is my jewelry business. It started as a hobby in 2003, and is now a second full time job- in responsibility- I'm working to get it full time in terms of supporting us. *IF* that could be realized, then my newest hope, being a stay at home mom for a few years at least, could happen.


I am married to the dream guy I never knew I was dreaming of. We were both coming out of very long term relationships (him a 12 year marriage, me a 9 year cohabitation I couldn't break myself out of despite complete lack of connection), in 2010. We became friends and bonded over our mutual love of teaching and Montessori education in particular. We got married last July, and in early August, learned I was 5 weeks pregnant with our little boy who will be born sometime in April! He has a daughter, who is 11, from his first marriage, who is with us part of the time and is also ecstatic to become a sister after so many years. 


I think that's it for now, but with some questions I can probably come up with more. If I'm a little slow to reply through to Monday, it's because I'm at my parents' for the shower. :)

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