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Any experience with *sigh* a 4th cesarean?

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My 3 sons were born by cesarean. I had planned homebirths with the first two, and after many hours of pushing it seems my babies just don't fit. My 3rd baby was born by planned cesarean, after going into labour.
A huge consideration when discussing possible baby #4 is...having another c-section! I have made my peace with meeting my babies in the operating room (actually had 2 amazing birth experiences this way!) but is it smart to put my body through a 4th major surgery? I would love to hear experiences on this!
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No personal experience, but since you didn't have any responses.....

The doctor I see for damage from a vaginal delivery has been encouraging me to have a c-section for any subsequent children. He is very adamant that there isn't really a problem until you get to number 5. 

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I had 4 of my 5 children by cesarean. Number 2 was a vbac. I would have liked to not had any c-sections but that was not the way things went for me.

I had no complications from any of my surgeries including the fourth. They were all routine and recovery went well. The third c-section was a vertical incision because of an emergency situation. That meant that I could no longer even consider a vbac so number 4 was a planned c-section. It didn't end up scheduled since my water broke at 36 weeks but there was no option of a vaginal birth. It all went fine and the doctor didn't seem at all concerned.

Good luck.
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My input is only anecdotal, but a friend had a 4th c/s last year and it went well.  Whatever you decide, it's not easy getting to the choice, I'm sure.

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My Aunt had 6 cesareans for her 7 babies (one set of twins). I haven't talked to her about them extensively, but I know I would have heard her complaining if there were any complications as she is not one to hold back, she actually had really good experiences with her cesareans from what she's said. Not sure if that helps at all, but I wanted to respond!
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^^^My husband's grandmother had 5 cesareans back in the 40s/50s. Her doctor advised her to stop after 3 kids but she kept on going. She came through okay, and this was a long time ago, so I'm sure it's better these days. 

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Thanks everyone smile.gif
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How are you doing? Have you finalized your decision about having a 4th c/s? If it's possible, would you be willing to try a VBAC/HBAC with this one?


I've had 4 c/s but decided to have a HBAC with my 5th (which was successful despite being diagnosed with CPD). I always recovered well from my surgeries despite feeling more nauseated after each one and it seeming to take a bit longer to fully heal. But I also had help from my in-laws, so it wasn't too strenuous in the weeks following. It may be harder to recover if you don't have help.

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I am 10 weeks pg with #4!
I have made peace with a 4th cesarean. I spoke with my midwife and she agreed with me that since I did try twice, very hard, to have vaginal births and my babies just didn't fit, it's the best choice for me.
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Ill be having my 4th section too. Each recovery was easier than the last. With ydd she was born at 530pm Thursday & we went home Saturday morning.

My doctor doesn't see an issue if I want to go on & have #5 later on down the road.
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Victoria Beckham has had 4 c sections, and she "apparently" looks great.  Tori Spelling had 4, and ended up w placenta previa in the last pregnancy…Not that they're role models, but only people who I am aware of with 4!  I have had 1, #2 in August…. Good luck :)

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