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VBAC in Detroit Metro? U of M? West Bloomfield?

Poll Results: Where is the best place to attempt a VBAC in SE Michigan?

  • 33% (1)
    Henry Ford West Bloomfield
  • 0% (0)
    University of Michigan Ann Arbor
  • 33% (1)
    St John's
  • 33% (1)
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Hi Morgan,
I do not have a good resource for you because I a, new to the area as well, but I am hoping to make contact with as many like minded moms before I land up there this summer. I'm not sure where you are, but we should be landing somewhere near Rochester. I wish you the best of luck with your VBAC. a water birth will be wonderful!
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I would skip st johns, since although their Alternative Birthing Unit is great, as a vbac you would be risked out and my understanding is that the L and D is not so much.
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I had a very positive experience at HFWB with my second pregnancy (a vbac). Planning to vbac my third child there in September.
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Both Henry Ford West Bloomfield and UofM tend to be VBAC friendly, though I have to say that lately I prefer the midwives at UofM for VBAC over the midwives at HFWB... just from experiences with clients in the last few months.

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Bumping this up as I am now pregnant!  Thinking about calling U of M... anyone else have any advice?  I'm almost tempted to HBAC but a little too scared...

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Well, honestly, I know of a VBAC in the last week where UofM put pit on a uterus with two cesarean scars on it and caused a complete rupture, and the baby's brain function is in question.  So, I'm not thrilled with their VBAC policy at the moment. 

and I have a client who had a three week long nightmare at HFWB in the last month, not holding her newborn twins for 11 days, because of a complete lack of urgency on the part of the providers at the hospital.  Sooo... whereas I used to say that either was a great choice, this week, I'm not feeling either one of them.  At all.

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I voted other...I had an HBAC in November 2013 for baby 2.  I was nervous about it, but I'm so glad we went the route we did.  We were so well supported through labor and birth and in the days immediately following.  In case you're interested and live close enough, we used Kate Mazzara (http://www.mazzaramidwifery.com/index.php/meet-kateout of Howell (she has (I think) a 70 mile radius).  She's great and we also really like Connie who works with her, too.  Good Luck!  

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Oops! I meant November 2011 for baby 2.  We're also using Kate for baby 3, who will be joining us in either November or December of 2013.

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Ok now I'm super stressed out about this.  I have no idea where to have this baby.  I'm so nervous to have it at home.  Does anyone have some resources that helped them make a decision to have an HBAC?  I also called The Farm in TN but I'm nervous about that too.  I have to stop stressing out so much.

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Chiming in to say that I'm a patient of Dr. Jones out of IHA Canton OB/GYN and will deliver at St. Josephs in Ypsi.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to try VBAC or just schedule a c-section, and Dr. Jones has been very encouraging for me to try VBAC.  Her attitude is so different from my last OB.  She felt confident that I was a very good candidate for it, since my daughter was born via c-section due to breech.  I'm not due til January, so I can't speak to any actual birth experience in the hospital, but I am hopefully optimistic.  

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Dr Jones was on call and delivered my first baby (Dr. Hrozencik was my OB) and she was very nice. She had no problem with me laboring naturally.

She had me push flat on my back. Instead of supporting my perineum and encouraging a more helpful position as midwives do, she watched me push with her arms crossed, holding a pair of scissors, and cut an episiotomy. She allowed a student to stitch me so badly it had to be repaired later.

So I would just speak up with her if those issues are important to you; otherwise she had good qualities. It was my first birth, and I should have been more vocal.
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