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Connor James is here :)

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Hi everybody,

We welcomed our 4th little bundle of joy into the world on February, 12th @ exactly midnight. I started having mild contractions at around 8am Monday but didn't get my hopes up since this has happened a couple of times before. Just went along with my day including sweeping and mopping the floors as I figured it can't hurt to maybe get those contractions stronger and closer together.
At around 7pm after we just finished dinner the contractions started coming closer together and also got stronger. We called my husbands aunt at 8pm, we were at the hospital by 9pm and things were progressing well. When they checked me I was at 5-6cms and the contractions were about 4 minutes apart.
At around 10:45pm they broke my water and the contractions got stronger and closer together. I had planned on not getting any pain meds but at around 11:45 I asked them to give me something as they were very painful, more so than I can remember with my middle son and he was a natural birth. Soon after it was time to push and he was born within 1 1/2 contractions. They had to whisk him away real quick as there was meconium in the amniotic fluid but he is fine and doing great.
Well mama knew well enough to get the pain meds as he decided to come out superhero style with his hand, elbow, shoulder along with his head, ouch. They did not cut me though and I only had a minor tear that required two stitches.
My sweet 3yr old daughters predictions were right, he came on Tuesday and makes his birthday inverse from hers (she was born December 2nd) and she said he was a superhero superhero.gif.


He was 8lbs 6ozs and 21 inches

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Congratulations!!  He's beautiful!

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Yay!  joy.gif

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What a cutie!

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Congrats on your lovely new boy!

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Congrats and welcome baby!!!!

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Aww, congrats!

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Congrats!  a superhero!  

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Such a sweetheart :) 

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It's a bird...it's a plane...it's Super Baby! Great work, mama, and congratulations to your whole family!

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What a sweetie!! Glad everthing went well! Hope you're enjoying the baby snuggles!
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The world needs more superheroes!  happy baby moon, mama! 

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Congratulations! I'm amazed you didn't tear more. That's great.

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Originally Posted by rachieface View Post

Congratulations! I'm amazed you didn't tear more. That's great.

I was amazed too and very thankful.

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congratulations on the birth of your little superhero mama! 

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