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Waterpik vs Flossing

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Dental flossing is described as a way to clean between teeth and around the surface of teeth. Floss is a relatively cheap tool for removing food particles from teeth and for removing plaque build up. The question is is flossing with string enough to really remove all the food particles that if left in your teeth can lead to dental .problems. I hate going to the dentist, I don't have dental insurance so it's always costly. Just brushing and string flossing alone does not do enough to avoid going to the dentist. So I started using a Waterpik with an herbal rinse and hydrogen peroxide daily along with the usual cleaning tools and I have had amazing results.
The waterpik is a great tool used along with string floss. The string floss works better for scrubbing the sides of the teeth to remove plaque. The waterpik does a much better job at flushing out all the food particles and cleaning out under the gums and into pockets. It's all about chasing bacteria which decaying food can cause.: joy
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I do both!

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