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When did you start wearing materinity clothes?

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I know I was torn between having fun buying maternity clothes and being excited for things to move along and wanting to wear them on one hand, and wanting to not look bigger and keep wearing the smaller clothes on the other hand. I think it was about 4 to 4.5 months. I was working with someone who was due a couple of weeks after me, and she started wearing them earlier, but she was much shorter than I am and just needed to earlier.

How about you?
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I started around 4 months because I just couldn't take it anymore!  The belly band did not work for me at all.  I did the safety pin/rubber band thing for 1 week and that was enough.  I felt so much better when I switched to maternity pants.  I would have done it sooner, but I still hadn't told people at work that I was pregnant and I thought the new clothes would be a giveaway.  I still haven't worn my ruched tops yet because I haven't told everyone else in the office yet.

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I had bloat early on and pants were just super uncomfortable.  I think I was in maternity pants by 15-18 weeks.  I'm short though. 

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I'm so sad to say that I'm in them now and barely 8wks. I was about a size 18 pre-pregnancy so much bigger this time around (I was a size 12-14 before DD). I have to say I'm horribly uncomfortable in anything that goes around my waist. I think I might end up wearing a lot of dresses. At least I'm pregnant during spring and summer! It's going to feel strange since I'm a jeans and tshirt girl!
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I'm 11 weeks ans am already in desperate need of them. I'm quite slim, and with my last pregnancy i don't think I was even showing at 11 weeks. But this time I'm very obviously pregnant and my jeans are too uncomfortable now.

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I'll be 14 weeks on Monday. I've been living in leggings and that one last pair of jeans that could button. Yesterday, I broke down and went to consignment stores and bought a pair of maternity jeans ($7!) and a dress and shirt. I also ordered another pair of jeans and some leggings from gap/old navy (they have deals online at the moment, so I shopped from sale section).

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8 weeks with my third, I just needed comfortable pants, 16 with my first
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With my first, not until the second trimester, though I was in a larger size up pants for a bit before that.

With this pregnancy (twins), I started wearing them 5-6 weeks, not all the time, I could get away with elastic band pants when they were appropriate and I wore regular shirts for awhile, but yeah my uterus just wanted to get into gear right away and maternity pants felt so good!
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I started wearing yoga pants right away. Can't stand having anything tight against my tummy when I pregnant and thankfully I am a SAHM. I upgraded to maternity shirts around 14 or 15 weeks I think. I could have used them a couple weeks earlier, but it wasn't too bad. I feel much more comfortable in maternity clothes now. I have a longer torso, so I outgrow the length pretty fast, I was able to use the non-mat. shirts longer because of the wasteband on the yoga pants. It probably wasn't very flattering though. LOL

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I don't wear maternity clothes, their almost all ugly. All the ones i do like are made for tall women and they are expensive. So i just keep on wearing the cute clothes i like

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I am 9 weeks along with my second, and I lost about 30 pounds before I got pregnant, so my pants are super loose. I'm still losing weight (I throw up almost everyday and I don't want to eat as much as I used to). I'm still overweight (195 pounds for a 5'4" frame). But I think with the combination of losing the weight, my tilted back uterus I probably won't be into maternity clothes until the mid way through the second trimester again. I definitely don't look pregnant. Most people show quicker on the second one, but that isn't currently holding true for me.

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I think with all of my pregnancies that by 12 weeks I was wearing sweats if I didn't buy some maternity clothing.

This last pregnancy I just bought some mens cotton tank tops that were super huge from Old Navy, that way I could continue to wear my shirts through the pregnancy. I had that layered look going on. redface.gif

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Not that many of you shop at walmart. But, I was trying to save money, so I did. Well, the t-shirts I bought are already coming unthreaded at the bottom. Not cool. I took a trip to Motherhood Maternity this morning for a few shirts. I'll designate my walmart shirts as pajamas. Motherhood is having a pretty nice sale right now.

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Yep, Walmart maternity clothes are a joke--rather shoddy quality.  Plus, there's no way you could wear most of them to work.

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Originally Posted by Aradia88 View Post

I don't wear maternity clothes, their almost all ugly. All the ones i do like are made for tall women and they are expensive. So i just keep on wearing the cute clothes i like


Do you get larger sizes of regular clothes then?

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I will be 15 weeks on Thursday and I'm still wearing regular clothes. I'm a bit surprised since this is my third pregnancy. But I haven't gained any weight yet (well I regained the 5 lbs I lost from being so sick). I have a bunch of hand-me-down maternity jeans, which i will pronably start wearing soon since I"m down to three pairs of jeans/pants I can wear. Today I did buy a few long tops from the (regular) gap a size up. I figure I can wear those through the end of March or so, and then again next fall. Maternity tops arent really cute until you are 5+ months along. It's a good idea to have pants 1 or 2 sizes up so you can wear them again after you have the baby. There's nothing like having to wear maternity jeans when you are 2+ months post partum.
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