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I thought the 2nd trimester was to be easier !

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Hi ladies,


I've hit the 3 months mark 3 days ago and things are getting worse, so to speak.


The end of the first trimester wasn't bad. I was a bit tired but not that much and overall I couldn't complain.

I even took a job as a part time sale assistant in a little store.

However, that was not a good idea.

I've been having some early contractions (not good) as well as quite a few Braxton Hicks ( I'm really thin so I feel them strongly).

My midwife asked me to rest. And I couldn't do otherwise if I wanted to.

I'm so awfully tired I can't do anything.

I drag myself out of bed to land on the sofa and I stay there feeling like I'm having the flu or something (for the lack of energy, not the fever or anything).

When I try to actually do something, like make lunch or wash the dishes, after a few minutes I feel nauseous and I need to sit or lay down again.

The greatest part of it is that I sleep dreadfully. I have nightmares after bad dreams and so on. So when I wake up, I'm tired, not to mention freaked out, scared, sobbing or panting depending of the dream.


Any of you can relate ?


Here in France we don't do prenatal vitamins. Could I be lacking something ?


I really could do with some advice. Thank you in advance.

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Unfortunatly, the third trimester is not a switch that gets turned on and everything is magical and nice.  That would be soooo awesome!
This time around, I felt tired and crappy well into my 17th week.  The nausea was on and off (as opposed to the first trimester where it was always on), but still in the way of daily activities


I do have to say that taking Floradix, a herbal iron/vitatmin B tincture did help.  I didn't do the prenatals either because they just made me feel crapier!


Hang in there!

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I'm sorry you are feeling so bad.  You might be anemic.  That could explain the continuing fatigue.  As the PP said, Floradix might help because it contains iron.

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I alwas find the 2nd trimester to be the most physically exhausting. I have never experienced that 2nd tri bliss I so often hear about!!
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Thank you for your answers.


I thought I would be able to exercise and do things but it's not gonna happen just now.

Oh well. I guess I'll just get as much rest as I can sleepytime.gif


I'll check my iron level and I'll start vitamin D as well. I guess it can't hurt.


Thanks again ladies, you're a great help ! grouphug.gif



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I was in the same place around then and I am still not "great"- I got floradix but the day it came in a friend of mine made a gag face and exclaimed "good luck with that stuff it is soooo gross" ..... I haven't even opened the bottle now because a week or so before that I had a bad reaction to the fish oil pills.


My other friend assures me it isn't that back and promised to do a shot with me this weekend to prove it... she sais she likes it personally.


I found walking outside, even when I am exhausted really helps me - of course I've been so swapped at work that often my walk is at night now when it is dark :-(


Hope you feel better soon mama!

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For me in the 2nd trimester im moody, sleepy all day and all night, i cant breath, all i want to do is lay in bed forever. in my first trimester ( i am now ) i can get sleepy but more energetic. On my 3rd trimester usually a month before babe is born im super freaking tired, my lower back hurts, i get BH

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Merenwen: I, too, heard of the second trimester bliss that makes it all worth it. It's bull. I got three weeks of feeling okay and then I stopped sleeping. 3 hours a night was a good night. Many times I tossed and turned all night without a hint of sleep. I wanted to punch every person who told me, "get your sleep now, because you won't when the baby comes." LIES. I got more sleep after she was born then before. The only thing that worked for me was Gravol, but I don't know if you can get that in France. It's an over the counter drug used in North America mainly for controlling nausea and vomiting with one of the side effects being drowsiness. If it's an iron issue, there is such a thing as liquid iron. Really gross by itself, but mixed in with OJ I've heard they can no longer even taste it. Might be worth a try.

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I didn't experience anything great in the second tri!  Just the same old exhaustion from the first.  So I don't really have anything to add, just wanted to say that you're not alone.


Floradix (iron) doesn't taste bad - my MW gave me a shot to try and I thought it was a bit "irony" but that's all.  I opted for the pills, so I didn't try it mixed in juice, but I heard you can't even taste it in OJ.

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To add to the joy of being constantly tired, yesterday was heartburn day. banghead.gif

Awful burning in my throat and very painful spasms.

I felt like crying.

I tried baking soda in a glass of water, Yuk ! And didn't work.

A spoon of honey made the burning worse for a while. I then ate an apple with the skin.


I don't know if it was the apple, the honey or both but my heartburn was gone in about 10 minutes.

Maybe that can help some of you ladies.


For the tiredness and general awful feeling, I've tried walking outside: it helps.


The sun is back where I live. I put myself in front of the open window with bare legs or bare back for 15 minutes. I found it to be helpful for my energy level.


Hope all of you will find something to feel better.


Love to you all.

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