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Happy Valentines Day!!!

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Happy Valentines day! What did everyone do tonight? My husband and I went out for a fancy dinner, and then had a ton of fun taking pictures!! 





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Cute pics!! 


We had a casual day here, we usually do on Valentines day and then splurge the day after on discounted chocolates!  This year though I want to avoid the sugar binge (the kids had a cold this week too that I want them to recover from) and spent some extra time making homemade cards together.  I am sorry if this is boring!  

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Boring here! Corn dogs and tater tots for dinner, although I did get the kids some chocolate and hubby some Fig Newtons. He's been majorly sick all week, so it's been a pretty crazy, long week for me. Oh, but we do plan to go to, we'll just wait until the end of the month when we'll have some extra cash to make it more fun.
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No big Valentines celebrating here... Ordered chinese in (mainly bc I didn't want to cook), my friend baked and decorated cute heart shaped cookies and I bought donuts (before I knew about the cookies). My husband brought me home some pretty flowers.
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Super cute pics :) My partner can't eat gluten and I don't do dairy, so we splurged on some specialty products and made pizza and banana splits at home. Soooo nice :)

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My kids and I made table decorations and I made a big dinner- then we had tea and cherry pie. I was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen while my family went crazy wrestling on the floor around my feet... Sometimes being the mom is like raising puppies. It was really fun though, and then I put my head down on the table and started to drift off- so bed at 7:30 for me. I'm having pie for breakfast.
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oh wow, love the pics!

V-day was a bust here.  Hubby came down with a nasty cold all of a sudden.  Didn't even eat one of the chocolates I gave him, and went to lay down before supper was finished. 

I was home late from work, hubby's night to cook - pork and KD.  I can't eat KD, but I'd filled up on fries (what I'm craving atm) on the way home and felt really gross.  And I was thinking about how when I'm home full time the kids won't be eating KD anymore (zero fiber or vegetables in that meal).  Also realized that one kid didn't take her vaentines to school at all.  "I thought you put them in her backpack" I don't know how they missed them, they were at her place at the table.  He would have had to move them to give her breakfast.  So much for all the work of making those.

This is what working full time and having kids and being pregnant all at the same time is like.  Everyday.

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Thanks everyone! I am sorry to those who have sickness at home!! We had it all over the holidays, so hopefully we are done for the season..... 

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My husband and I were house hunting halfway across the countr, so went into the first downtown Denver restaurant that didn't look couple-y (a brew pub). Had ok food, the went across the street and and bought a couple of delicious truffles to share...
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