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Homebirth Midwives near Olean, NY

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I recently moved back to western NY, Olean, from Poughkeepsie. Im TTC my second child and would like to have a home VBAC. The hospital here doesnt allow VBACs. Anyone know of homebirth midwives or hospitals near Olean ( in NY or PA) that allow VBACs? Thank you.
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Im also looking to connect with like minded mommas. I miss having playdates and mommy night outs. My daughter is 20 months, not vaccinated and still breastfeeding.
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I'm pregnant and looking for midwife to do HBAC in Allegany, NY.
Anyone have experience with Jill Johnson from Erie, PA?
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Oh yay! I'm not alone out here! We are searching for a midwife for our home birth as well. We are expecting in Feb. I'm so saddened by my lack of luck finding a home birth community here. In Vegas we had a great team and community... Now we are searching for a midwife that supports VBAC and homebirth. I'd love whatever you've been able to come up with. <3 Namaste
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After much research an actual homebirth is not possible in our area. So, I decided to go to Buffalo. I met with midwife Eileen Stewart. She has a large office and has 2-3 rooms for clients to give birth in a home-like atmosphere. I am due February 5. The only issue I'm having is finding a reasonably priced place to stay post birth because Eileen asked me to stay in Buffalo for 4days after I give birth so I can be near in case I or baby have any issues.
The Birthing Center of Buffalo is also an option IF they are participating in a VBAC study. The Birth Center is run by Dr. Katherine Morrison and Eileen Stewart. Both are awesome ladies.
Good luck I hope that helps you. Let me know if I can help you out.
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We have been thinking about buffalo midwives but I worry about that drive in Feb. We've been debating doing a u/c but after 4 c sections my Vegas midwife is none to pleased with that. Ugh, I'm struggling right now. My hubby is thinking maybe a local doula might be of help. Now to see if such a creature exists. Who knew moving to Olean would be so un crunchy lol
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I don't know of any "local" doulas. I think the closest is at least 1 hour away.
I'm willing to risk the drive in February. The weather here can sketchy but it can be nice. I will just stayed tuned to the weather reports. If I'm in labor and can't make it to Buffalo, I will just wait until I'm crowning to go to OGH or have an unassisted home birth. smile.gif

Olean's uncrunchiness didn't surprise me, but it does make me regret moving back.
Good luck.
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This is a crazy late response - I hope you're still getting email updates to this thread! I'm a local Momma, postpartum doula and LLL Leader. There is definitely a group of awesome ladies around here (maybe you've already found us?). I'm sorry that I didn't see this a year ago, as I have an amazing midwife I'd recommend - Jen Bozza with Caring For Women Midwifery does VBACs at her birth center near Erie, although Eileen is incredible too.


Please PM me - it'd be great to connect!




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Hi Kelley,
I had called Jen Bozza a couple of times but she never got back to me. So I went with Eileen. I had my daughter 5.5 weeks ago. It was an amazing experience. I have been on bedrest and Eileen wants me to rest as much as possible (which is not easy with a 2.5 year old) since I had a large postpartum hemmorage and anemia. I did see the Twin Tiers LLL on Facebook.
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My daughter was a uc transfer born last Wednesday. I so look forward to helping this area grow in the natural health and postpartum care. When these younger kiddos get older I'm going to get certified for placenta encapsulation ❤ and hopefully help educate OGH staff. They are beyond VBAC phobic.
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I have a friend, she recently relocated to Rochester, that is certified to do placenta encapsulation. She did it for me.
Bohemian Mama congratulations on your new baby girl. I hope all goes well with your recovery.
I probably sound stupid but what does uc mean?
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Unassisted childbirth smile.gif with 4 c sections no one would touch me. So now 5 surgeries and we are done having babies lol. I'm encapsulating for the second time. And I can't wait to get started with postpartum care. I want to do belly binding as well. I'm starting on me as soon as my pain is more manageable smile.gif
congrats on your baby girl and rest if you can. My toddler is still adjusting to sharing nursing lol
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Hi ladies!  Congrats on the babies.  :)   I am local (ish) to you.  I live just north of Buffalo.  I am a newborn RN and IBCLC at a Buffalo hospital and had a home water VBAC with Khristeena Kingsley last year.  Our area has definitely improved over the last few years but still has miles to go.  :)  

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Hey ladies, now that baby is here we are looking for a ped. who is not vaccine happy. We have been to one who had vaccinate releases on the new patient paper work. Any good, natural maybe holistic approach pediatrician's nearby? TIA 😊
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Hi guys , is anyone looking for a great nanny ? In Philadelphia centre city
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